The Gifted (S02E10) “eneMy of My eneMy”

Wow! The Gifted came back stronger than ever this week, hitting us hard with emotional turmoil and some solid action. I finally feel as though we are now into the end game of the season. It’s hard to pick a favourite moment because the episode as a whole was so stellar.

Near the top of the list is seeing the crew back together. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been wonderful seeing Lorna and Andy grow on their own, but I prefer them as a complete team. Especially seeing how Lauren brings out the lighter side of Andy, which he really needs right now. They truly are two sides of the same coin. I particularly loved the episode ending shot of them. Each is solidified in their resolve, knowing they will have to face each other soon. While I do look forward to seeing them push themselves, I wish it was against The Purifiers instead.

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Speaking of, boy oh boy. Jace. Jace, honey, what are you doing? It’s honestly heartbreaking to watch his story arcs sometimes. In his core he is a good person, he just always seems to end up on the wrong team. Sentinel was bad, but The Purifiers are largely unhinged. Jace seems to be their moral compass, or he was before the rescue. I can see him spiralling and lashing out hard, egged on by his would-be followers. I wish he could see that his actions are not what his daughter would want, even though I know at this point it’s about more than her. He’s a broken man who needs someone not crazy to show him the right path. Jace could be a great ally for the cause if he can forgive.

Overall I think we can look forward to some pretty crazy stuff coming up in the next couple of weeks. There are a few clashes we can be guaranteed to see, though the exact circumstances surrounding them is still unknown. I also have a feeling Reed’s powers aren’t through with him yet, and who knows, maybe he ends up being the key to everything.  Either way, I am very excited to see what the writers have in store for us next.