MacGyver (S03E11) “Mac + Fallout + Jack”

After a lengthy hiatus, MacGyver is back and it doesn’t take long for the action to start-up. The writers certainly know their way around the fans and are able to engage viewers and captivate their attention at every turn. When a well-deserved trip to Vegas goes awry, it casts a foreboding shadow over Jack (George Eads) and MacGyver (Lucas Till).

macgyvers03e115 - MacGyver (S03E11) “Mac + Fallout + Jack”
Jack and Mac know how to party. (Photo: Screenshot by Author of review)
Here we go

Rest and relaxation doesn’t seem to be part of the team’s wheelhouse. When an innocent “Mannivesary”, to celebrate when Jack and MacGyver initially bonded all those years ago, gets interrupted by a twisted case of revenge, there is no simple way out. Locked in a bunker with no help on the way, they must band together or die trying.

Another time-sensitive mission has jet-set Riley (Tristin Mays), Bozer (Justin Hires), and Leanna (Reign Edwards) away to Milan. They must intercept and destroy some information that is impertinent to a dangerous terrorist cell. Their mission is threatened due to Bozer’s outspoken nature. He must think outside the box and convince the fashionista princess (Shani Atais) that he has the best of intentions and a lot of style. When you have a company credit card at your disposal, anything is possible.

macgyvers03e114 1024x576 - MacGyver (S03E11) “Mac + Fallout + Jack”
Bozer, thinking outside the box. (Photo: CBS)
What goes around, comes around

Although things may be falling into place for the dynamic trio, the same cannot be said for MacGyver and Jack. Even with the ingenuity and know how from MacGyver, it proves to be no match for the fortified prison they have found themselves in. It’s like something straight out of a horror movie, yet there is a personal vendetta behind it all. Past revelations from a long past mission start to creep into their peripheral, but things are never quite as they seem.

The intense moments of this episode were evened out by the success of part of the team’s endeavors. It brings substance and show’s growth of the characters, even when they don’t have MacGyver at their disposal. While quick thinking helped Bozer, Leanna and Riley complete what they set out to do, it merely lulled the viewer into a false sense of security. Life and death hanging in the balance, giving us a snapshot of what may be coming in the near future for this show.

macgyvers03e113 1024x577 - MacGyver (S03E11) “Mac + Fallout + Jack”
Everyone has a past, this one belongs to MacGyver and Jack.
The storm is coming

An unlikely foe proved to be the center of this story, one thought to be long deceased. MacGyver and Jack were able to escape an untimely demise, this time. It is something that is sure to catch up to them eventually. There have been a lot of close calls, the majority of them leaving them unscathed. Fan’s are waiting for the moment when Jack leaves the team, but this was not it.

It is coming. Soon, and no one will be prepared for it.

On a lighter note, it was endearing to see how much the relationship between Bozer and Leanna has blossomed. Not only are they the right fit for each other, but committing to living together takes things to a whole other level. Hopefully, this cements their bond even further.

MacGyver returns with a new episode Friday, January 11th on CBS at 8/7c.