What can you expect from Suits mid-season premiere?

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Source: Courtesy of USA Network/SpoilerTV

On the 23rd of January Suits is returning with its mid-season premiere. At TV Series Hub we were lucky enough to gain screener access early enough to be able to provide you with some light, innocent teases (like seriously, you should walk away from this article unscarred, if not you are welcome to come yell at me). Let’s dive right in.

The most significant conclusions of the mid-season finale were Louis’ rise to managing partner role (by “rise” I mean, Donna’s decision) and the new addition to the firm’s name: it now being Zane Specter Litt Wheeler Williams. Therefore, naturally, the main plot of this episode is how the receptionists cannot greet anyone on the phone with the full firm name anymore because it’s just so long and it’s becoming a problem. Joking. But am I? In all seriousness, the premiere delves right into the different consequences of 8×10 and the power shifts that happened. Self explanatory.

Firstly, expect extensive insight into how Louis is dealing with becoming managing partner – internally, externally, you name it. His decision making with regards to how he wants to lead (sorry, delegate, expect a lot of use of the world “delegate”, I can now never hear it again) is all at once quite smart and also very much… Louis.

Secondly, the other major plot of the episode revolves around Harvey and we can see him in full on brilliant lawyer mode again. He takes on a case against a very known foe, together with a very close friend. The scenes surrounding this plot give a classic suits vibe and I say YES PLEASE to it all. I missed that guy.

However, not everything in this episode is rainbows and sunshine. You can expect some good drama, if you still remember the major character dilemmas of 8A, me saying that one of those decisions will implode into that characters’ face a bit can give you a hint. No one wants to see two loved characters fighting, but the resolution is satisfying enough to make the angst worth it.

And lastly, the episode also plants some heavy, but obvious seeds for an upcoming 8B plot. You can expect some banter, debatable decision making (by the writers or the character, you ask? Well… I am not telling you!) and content that lays foundations for what appears to be an important part for the rest of the season. Whether you will laugh, roll your eyes, stay neutral or get frustrated is this time, completely, 100%, up to you. Good luck!

IN CONCLUSION, expect to have a few laughs, enjoy some movie references (I finally was part of the inside joke again, thank you for including a reference to a movie I ACTUALLY WATCHED this time) and bathe in heartwarming family moments. Bring it on 8B, we can do this… I think.

Suits returns with an all new episode January 23rd.