FBI (S01E02) “Green Birds”

When several people in New York City start dying from food that they’ve gotten from a take-out place, Agents Bell and Zidan learn that it wasn’t just the bad cooking that was killing people, but something even more sinister.

People in New York City are suddenly collapsing and dying from the take-out food that they’ve eaten at a food market. Agents Bell and Zidan discover that someone has poisoned the salads with a spray, but when they locate their suspect, it’s too late to do anything because she has died.

As they investigate deeper, the FBI learn that their suspect was part of an online chat group with a member of ISIS. Digging even further, Bell and Zidan find out that their suspect wasn’t the only person to be in contact with the ISIS member. As they question the late suspect’s school friend, it is revealed that her friend was part of the chat group as well.

The FBI begins to chat with the ISIS member using the girl’s information. When he asked to meet with her they inquired as to how would he know who he’s looking for. He replied that he knows what she looks like and sends them a photo of the girl. Now they have to use the girl as bait to capture the terrorist.

They wait for the meeting, and when it goes down they realize the terrorist wasn’t who they expected, but one of his many followers instead. They take her in, and while finding out what she knows, realize that she’s not the only one who’s a follower of her so-called “husband”. Eventually the FBI get information about three more girls who could do the same thing as the others.

As soon as they have the names of followers, they go searching and stop at a food market to deter people from eating any of the food. Shortly after arriving they spot one of their suspects leaving the park and are able to catch her. They determine from the flyer in her bookbag that their main suspect is waiting at the dock.

Bell and Zidan get to the dock and try to navigate around through a large crowd. Zidan spots the suspect and as he walks toward him, the suspect takes a hostage.  Zidan tries to talk to the terrorist,  but in the end has to take him out.

Later back at headquarters, Zidan tells Bell that he’ll sleep better knowing that their suspect is dead instead of being in jail. After Zidan leaves, Bell sends an email to someone.

Who and what could it be about?

“Green Birds” was a very good episode. Even though Keeko Zaki gives a good performance as Agent Zidan, Sela Ward stole the episode with her wit and charm. Overall, I give this episode an 8/10.

You can catch FBI Tuesdays at 9/8c on CBS.