Fresh Off The Boat (S05E09) “Just The Two Of Us”

The first new episode of the new year, Jessica and Louis take a trip that more of working instead of relaxing. Here’s a recap!

When Jessica, Louis, and the kids try to win a radio contest, Louis got to be the 88th caller to win. But what they won was a choice between a trip or computer software. Jessica decides the trip that apparently is a couple’s retreat to fix relationships.

While there Jessica and Louis meet with Guru Sheela, who uses exercises to help couples on their relationships. Instead of seeing exercises, Jessica sees it as a competition against the other couples; but failed each exercise and later realizes that it’s Louis’attitude. Soon Jessica comes to terms to agree to some of Louis’ ideas in their marriage.

Meanwhile, Eddie isn’t too pleased with the driving arrangements as grandma is his license passenger; but don’t like his style of music. But when he ease the music on her, she not only becomes a fan of Will Smith but knows what Eddie is up too and pulls a fast one by not riding with him to his little birthday party. The two saw eye to eye and comes to terms.

“Just The Two Of Us” was a nice and solid episode that had good moments. The Jessica and Louis retreat storyline was good, but it could easily be best by Eddie and grandma’s storyline with the Will Smith references and using the phrase, “Just the two of us” when calling their time in the car. But it was Emery and Evan that pretty much stole the episode with their commentary.

Overall, I give this episode 8/10.

You can catch Fresh Off the Boat Fridays at 8/7c on ABC.