FBI (S01E03-04) “Prey”/”Crossfire”

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When an injured woman appears at someone’s home with stab wounds, the FBI must find her killer, but the case isn’t as simple as it seems. . .

The FBI takes the case of a woman who escaped death. She leads them to  a graveyard of other women, so that now not only are they searching for the murderer, but  the woman’s sister as well. They learn that this whole thing is about sex trafficking, and get one of their own in an undercover sting to find and nab their suspect. Maggie gets the suspect to give them the name of the boss, and one of them happens to be one that Maggie and Zidan interviewed earlier. After capturing the suspects of the crimes, Maggie and Zidan find their victim’s sister as well.

“Prey” was a not only just a strong episode, it was also a powerful character development piece for Maggie Bell. You can see her grow through this episode with strength and courage with her past history that she mentions. The writing was so good that it kept me interested from the beginning to end. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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When a lawyer gets shot to death in daylight, the FBI tackles their toughest case yet.

Agents Bell and Zidan investigate a lawyer getting shot in broad daylight from a sniper. While interviewing the wife  they thought they had a motive because he was meeting with a divorce lawyer, but that  was not the case.

Later in the episode a cop gets killed, and the suspect seen running away from the scene  happens to be a kid. When Bell and Zidan capture the kid, they speak with him and learn he is innocent because he is being taken care of by the shooter.

After talking with Dana, they try to reason with the kid and ask him where the shooter is located. He tells them that he’s hiding out in a church. As everyone secures the site, Maggie and Zidan try to speak with the suspect, but he doesn’t seem to come around. When someone is running in the streets, the suspect goes to take the shot but is killed on Maggie’s orders after she failed to reason with him.

The after effects from that case carry out with Maggie talking to the victim’s wife about how she acted, and why she didn’t tell her about the motive. She gives her advice for carrying on. Zidan tries to help the kid because he understands what it was like growing up in a harsh environment.

“Crossfire” was another powerful episode. Strong character development from not only Bell, but Zidan as well since he connected with the kid. Plus, it was a well-performed episode from the ensemble cast. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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