The Gifted (S02E11) “meMento”

Holy Cow! The Gifted did not disappoint this week. I’m so happy that each episode is upping the ante as we grow closer to the season finale. Let’s jump right into the good stuff.

Through Lorna we meet the Inner Circle’s newest recruits; a group of mutants who are known for mass murder. Lorna heavily protests to their presence, but Reeva seems to have clear plans for them. This sets off Lorna’s warning bells, causing her to turn to the Underground for help. Initially Marcos is understandably hesitant, yet he agrees to help after hearing her plea. Marcos and Blink both reach out to the Morlocks and are told there isn’t much they can help with. Near the end of the episode we see that The Underground is being summoned to fight. Having Evangeline admit she was wrong was a huge win for John, and hopefully her decision hasn’t come too late.

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Lauren contemplating her training.

On the other side of things we see Lauren diving deep into her family past. While Reed wants her to stop, Kate is the opposite. She postures that now is the time for Lauren to grow into her powers, not run from them. I can understand Reed’s worry considering what happened to Andy, but he has to know deep down that without Lauren they will not win. She needs to be as strong and disciplined as she can be, as we know Andy does not pull punches.

Part of me is still holding on to a fraction of hope that he might rejoin the Underground, but I also fear it may be too late for him. At the very least Andy would leave if Lorna did, and that could be something that does happen. They both have a strong belief that mutants should have their own homeland, and it is hard to argue against that belief considering what mutantkind has gone through.

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Jace speaking with a fellow purifier

Possibly the biggest danger to mutants currently is the Purifiers. While Jace is doing his best to make them less violent and more organized, this episode revealed that he doesn’t have as much influence as he thought. Seeing him lie for his cohort was a mixed bag of feelings. I’m glad he has loyalty to his “friends”, but that loyalty is going to be his downfall. Like Andy, I truly wish for Jace to be able to reconcile with his trauma and move to the side of good. Chances are that he will stay with the Purifiers until the end though.