MacGyver (S03E12) “Fence + Suitcase + Americium-241”

The intensity shines through with this new episode of MacGyver. Each passing episode is building towards something greater, lulling us into this false sense of security. If anything, the writers have indicated in the diverse storylines, that no one is safe and anything can happen. With danger mounting, can the team pull through in the end?

MacGyver (Lucas Till), Bozer (Justin Hires) and Riley (Tristin Mays) are on the case when a new mission finds them posing as a group of lucrative thieves. They must intercept an important package, which turns out to be a dirty bomb. There is no turning back now, but they can’t get into the secret facility without the aid of an expert. Charlotte (Bridget Regan), the badass soccer mom with one hell of a secret is forced to join their ranks. Let’s just say, Matty (Meredith Eaton) can be very persuasive.

macgyvers03e121 1024x684 - MacGyver (S03E12) “Fence + Suitcase + Americium-241”
Help comes in the guise of an established mom leading a double life. (Photo: CBS)

They need her, just as much as she needs them. The distrust seems to go both ways, but with imminent chaos ahead they must work with each other. Charlotte proves to be the asset they needed, having inside information and the not-so-legal experience. Just when it seems as though they might actually be able to pull off the impossible, the threat becomes real. An interception becomes a possible attack, and they must race against the clock once more.

This series has always showcased many talented women in some dynamic roles. They are strong and willing to put their lives on the line, even if their intentions aren’t fully clear. Just when the threat has been neutralized, another one emerges. Charlotte pulls a fast one on them and escapes with the bomb. In hindsight, they should’ve seen it coming, but now they must track her down before it’s too late.

MacGyvers03e1223 1024x589 - MacGyver (S03E12) “Fence + Suitcase + Americium-241”
MacGyver. Always the man with the plan. (Photo: Screenshot by Author of review)
A method to the madness

In a feat that only MacGyver could pull off, they are able to track down Charlotte. Exposing the truth, and her primary intentions. It seems as though the buyer had his own ulterior motives, choosing to give the weapon to a well-known domestic terrorist. Riley’s bold interference brings the truth to center stage. The innocent lives of Charlotte’s family are at stake, they were taken prisoner as an extra measure of good faith.

It seems as though improvising isn’t only a MacGyver thing. The surprise and mayhem add that extra dose of entertainment, especially when it ends up working in their favor. Secret organizations can’t be trusted on a face-to-face basis, they must prove themselves just like everyone else. Thankfully this mission ended up on a good note, and with a great ally. It seems as though the higher-ups were in need of Charlotte’s special skill-set, and she is able to be with her family once more.

With the absence of Leanna (Reign Edwards) and Jack once more, it seems as they are leading us into the ultimate phase-out for both characters. Not only is Bozer and Leanna’s relationship on the rocks, but there is also something else hanging in the balance. We already know that George Eads will be making his exit this year, will she be soon to follow?

A new episode of MacGyver airs Friday, January 18 on CBS at 8/7c.