Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S06E01) “Honeymoon” Season Premiere

NUP 184107 0226 595 Spoiler%2BTV%2BTransparent - Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S06E01) "Honeymoon" Season Premiere

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is back and the season premiere doesn’t miss a beat! Here’s a recap!

Picking up right where we left in season 5 finale; Holt is about to make his good news announcement until he realizes that he was not going to get the commissioner spot. But Jake, who didn’t learn of the news because he went to go get his boom box to celebrate, starts dancing to celebrate’s Holt’s announcement.

As Jake and Amy go on their honeymoon to Mexico, they see that Holt is there too. He is not only getting away from the Nine-Nine, but also making Jake and Amy’s honeymoon a real bummer. Holt complains to them about why it shouldn’t be this guy, and what’s wrong with him while wearing funny vacation t-shirts.

Just as Holt decides to leave, Jake finds out he’s gonna quit his job. Jake drags him back to his room where Amy is dressed up as Bonnie Bedelia from Die Hard. Using Charlie’s honeymoon gift they tie Holt to the bed with rose petals strewn all over the bedspread, and try to convince him that he should stay at the Nine-Nine. That was until Amy was done hooting and gives it to Holt straight. This really got him convinced to go back to work.

Meanwhile at the Nine-Nine, Rosa asks Terry for advice about a case that she’s been trying to work on, but waste management is getting in the way. Terry gives his Top Dog Terry advice, but all his options failed. Trying to look for Holt’s manual for answers, he finally gets it from Rosa who got it from Gina, that was holding it. Terry learns that Holt trusts him for his decision making.

Charles is upset because Gina’s mom is divorcing his father. Trying to learn why he sneaks into Gina’s phone. He sees that she advised her mother to do it. Gina explains that she did it because her mother was cheating on his father.

A week later Jake and Amy return to the Nine-Nine and run into Holt, who thanked them. He also tells them that the Nine-Nine will be sharing floors with homicide. Oh boy!

“Honeymoon” was an excellent episode premiere. The show never missed a beat and was probably better than what they were when they were on FOX. Amazing performance from the ensemble cast and even the writing was strong too. I enjoy a lot of the threesome of Amy, Jake, and Holt in Mexico. That was just hilarious. I think the move of the Nine-Nine to share with Homicide was a spoof of the network move  Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

You can catch Brooklyn Nine-Nine Thursdays at 9/8c on NBC.