Chicago PD (S06E10) “Brotherhood”

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Just when you thought that the fall finale was shocking, think again! Here’s a recap!

Picking up from the fall finale, Voight gets Antonio out of the warehouse as cops were coming. Voight tells Ruzek the plan that he wants to tell the backup team, but when they arrive Ruzek tells a different story, and is now part of an investigation that not only gets Ruzek between Voight but also Upton as well.

Upton tries to get Ruzek to tell the truth because she doesn’t want anything happening to him. He believes that it’s better him than Voight. Their conversation was overheard by  Halstead who breaks it up.

Not only does Ruzek have an investigation going, but during a carjacking investigation, he gets his C.I. to help and later learns that the leader happens to be the C.I.’s brother.

Voight gets word that if Ruzek changes his story to what really happened things would go smooth. Ruzek thinks about it and asks for advice from Trudy that ended with one of the best and powerful scenes of the season.

As Ruzek is being questioned, we learn that he agreed that his statement was correct. We see Voight visit with Antonio and tell him the news about Ruzek.

“Brotherhood” was not only excellent, but one of the best episodes of the season. Patrick Flueger gives one of his best performances of the season. The scenes with Jason Beghe, Tracey Spiridakos and Amy Morton were powerful and intense. The character development was strong and the writing was so good. How will Ruzek get out of this? Will his relationship with Upton be endanger? Is Halstead jealous about Upzek?

Overall, I give this episode a 9.5/10.

You can catch Chicago PD Wednesdays at 10/9c on NBC.