Fam (S01E01) “Pilot”

Everyone knows Nina Dobrev from her TVD days but Nina has moved on and she is currently starring on the newest CBS sitcom “Fam”. I must say I was really reluctant on starting this show due to the bad comments I saw on its trailer  but I’m really glad I gave it a shot because the pilot was really suprising and I will for sure keep following.

The episode starts with Clementine “Clem” at Nick’s parents’ house to announce their engagement, wich is something Clem is eager to do since Nick and his parents are her family, since she doesn’t have more family. Well that is a lie but either Nick or his parents will find out about that until much later on the episode.

After the announcement engagement to Nick’s parents the couple goes back home to find Shannon, Clem’s teenager half sister who broke into their home, she is shocked to learn that their father was the one teaching Shannon about breaking into places. She goes to see their father whom is a very irresponsible father who believes everything Shannon says about school, he even believes she is on christmas break (and it’s September) when the truth is: she drop out of school.

The episode goes on with several funny scenes (most of them happening between Nick and Shannon) and the highlight of the episode is when Clem’s and Shannon’s father whom was supposed to be dead appears at Nick’s parents’ house (moved by Clem’s conversation with him early on the episode) and Shannon claims that it’s a miracle. Of course that this “miracle” isn’t really a miracle and Clem has to explain the reasons why she lied to Nick about her father being dead and that scene between the couple was so cute! Shipping them so much already!

In the final scene we see Clem and Nick saying to Shannon that she can stay with them afterall she is family well… fam.

I’m really excited to see the upcoming episodes, to see how all the relationships will develop (specially Nick’s and Sharon’s), to see how will they manage to do better jokes because let’s be honest this episode could had had better jokes and most important to see how the dynamics between the Fam will work.

“Fam” starres Nina Dobrev as Clem, Odessa Adlon as Shannon and Tone Bell as Nick

That’s all for tonight folks, see you soon with love, Jo (@living4series)