The Goldbergs (S06E11) “The Wedding Singer”

he Goldbergs (S06E11) “The Wedding Singer”

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This article contains spoilers about The Goldbergs’ midseason premiere.

The Goldbergs is back after the winter break. They start the second half of the season right away by crushing the hearts of the Blainey fans (including mine).

Barry and Lainey have been engaged since the season 5 finale, and in this episode, things are moving fast. After having a bachelor party a few weeks ago, the couple has set a date. They start preparing for their big day and predictably Beverly, with her smothering behavior agree to plan the whole wedding. This goes entirely against Barry’s wishes. (Why can’t he have a spaghetti bar, Bev?!).

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Barry is having second thoughts about getting married so soon. He talks to Lainey, and it turns out she was also doubting herself. She is happy that the wedding is called off. So all they have to do now is tell Bev that the wedding is canceled. However, Bev is busy finding a wedding singer. She eventually finally finds the perfect one for the Blainey wedding: The Wedding Singer’s Robbie Hart. It turns out he’s unavailable, so Bev books Jimmy Moore (played by Jon Lovitz, who reprises this role from the movie).  Barry and Lainey don’t want to tell Beverly that the wedding has been called off now that the singer is booked. Instead, they tell her how excited they are for the big day.

being a more serious videographer

Meanwhile, Adam wants to be the wedding videographer for Barry and Lainey. Murray forbids him because he can’t make any serious videos. Determined to make a good video to convince his dad otherwise, Adam asks Geoff to help him out. Geoff tells him to try and not make everything funny, like adding sound effects. His first attempt trying to make a heartfelt video with Pops fails. Lainey gives him a chance to make up for it by asking Adam to film her goodbye video as she runs away to LA. The resulting film, ‘The Facts of Lainey’, as Adam called it, was not a serious enough either.

After seeing Adam’s video, Barry decides to go after Lainey and they meet each other on the plane where, coincidentally, a scene of The Wedding Singer is taking place, with Robbie Hart singing to Julia Sullivan.  Barry and Lainey have a serious and mature conversation and agree that it’s not the time for them to get married. “Instead of trying to grow old together, they had to grow up first”.

As predictable this ending may have been to people, for some reason I didn’t see it coming that Barry and Lainey would actually break up. I really liked the scene where they came to the conclusion that they are too young to get married. I mean, I didn’t like the outcome of it, but I thought both AJ Michalka and Troy Gentile did a great job there. It is sad that they broke up, but it is all for the best, and if we have to believe Adam in his voice-over, their paths will cross again in the 90s.

final thoughts

I don’t really know what I thought of the incorporation of The Wedding Singer into this episode. I haven’t seen the movie (I am not a big movie watcher, don’t ask me anything about them), so those parts didn’t necessarily do anything for me. If this episode didn’t feature parts of the movie I wouldn’t have minded it either.

I liked Adam’s storyline in this episode. It’s not that those sound effects are really my thing, but his speech to Geoff about loving comedy as much as he does really makes sense to me, as I feel the same. Funny TV shows (seriously, don’t ask me anything about movies) really do make me happy. Why do you think I’ve been writing reviews about great comedies for a few years now? So yeah, I totally understand what Adam was saying there. But I loved it that when he had to step up and make his brother feel better, he created a serious and heartfelt video.

Anyway, I did enjoy this episode. It may not have been the show’s best, but it had some great scenes (my favorite probably being the side-by-side shot of George Segal vs. real life Pops), a mature decision by Barry and Lainey and it was a nice setup to the pilot episode of Schooled that aired right after this episode of The Goldbergs (check out my review here!).

The Goldbergs will be back this Wednesday, January 16th, at 8/7c on ABC.