Roswell, New Mexico Premieres

15 roswell new mexico.w700.h700 300x300 - Roswell, New Mexico Premieres

The series is about three orphaned aliens named Max, Isobel, and Michael. They live in Roswell, surrounded by the kitsch of a town that made its reputation as the site of an alien landing in 1947.

Liz Ortecho has returned to Roswell, where she grew up, to visit her father. While she’s there, her old friend Max saves her life using his alien powers. This threatens to expose his secret, along with his sister Isobel and their friend Michael.

Both Isobel and Michael have other issues, other secrets, and other people in their lives — as does Liz, who remains connected to her old boyfriend Kyle, now a police officer.

Catch it on THE CW.