Schooled (S01E01) “Be Like Mike” (Pilot)

Schooled (S01E01) “Be Like Mike”

101 1 - Schooled (S01E01) "Be Like Mike" (Pilot)
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Schooled, the new TV show created by Adam F. Goldberg is the 1990-something spinoff of the show The Goldbergs (that takes place in 1980-something.) The pilot episode starts with adult Adam (Patton Oswalt) narrating about the ’90s as he does about the ’80s in The Goldbergs. But, as this show is not about him, he transfers his narration privileges to Lainey Lewis (AJ Michalka).

After a short introduction into the character we all know from The Goldbergs, she explains what happened between when we last saw her in 1980-something and now in 1990-something. Her music career didn’t work out the way she wanted and now she seems to be living at home with her dad again. But things start to turn around when she (with a little help from Beverly) lands a steady job as a music teacher at her old school William Penn Acadamy.

Besides Lainey, there are a few other familiar faces that still work at William Penn: Coach Mellor, who still works as the PE teacher, Mr. Glascott who has now become the new principal and of course Johnny Atkins who is now the school janitor (he is never going to leave this school).

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The episode follows Lainey in her first days as a teacher. But with no teaching experience, this isn’t going too well. She already has problems with a student a few minutes into her first class and bans her from school. We also see Coach Mellor struggle to get through to his star player, who isn’t much of a team player.

Of course, in true Goldbergs universe fashion, everything works out eventually. Lainey gets to do a grunge show with her students. Plus Coach Mellor (Rick) inspires his star athlete Matt Ryan, to become an NFL quarterback.

I really enjoyed this pilot episode. Most people already loved Lainey Lewis in The Goldbergs. So creating a show around her seems like a lot of fun. I think the creators of both shows did a great job combining the midseason premiere of The Goldbergs with this first episode of Schooled. Where in The Goldbergs, Lainey said goodbye to her life in Jenkintown, we now see how her life turned out in the next decade. You can find the review of this episode of The Goldbergs here.

final thoughts

In this first episode of Schooled I think it was very clear that they have taken over the style from their parent show. The dialogue is fast, the jokes are funny, the characters are well-played and of course, the ending is heartfelt. As this recipe has been a success for The Goldbergs, it’s safe to assume that Schooled will try and do the same for their upcoming episodes.

I think the show has potential. So far, I think the cast works very well together on screen. The characters we have gotten to know have plenty of room to develop. Since Schooled is taking place in a different decade, it allows for new references and other stories to be told.

Let’s see how the show develops the rest of the season. I know I’ll be watching!

Schooled airs Wednesdays at 8:30/7:30c, right after The Goldbergs on ABC!