This Is Us (S03E10) “The Last Seven Weeks”

This Is Us returns with some twist and turns but gave some memorable moments!

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“The Last Seven Weeks” gives the chronicle of the last seven weeks that had to happen since the previous episode. In the beginning, we see characters in awkward situations as Randel is awaiting the election results and see how they get to this point.

When Kate accidentally selling Toby’s Star Wars action figures that were meant for their child to have to keep and pass on. She tries to get them back but couldn’t and Toby returns with a gift that’s an emotional blast from the past.

Kevin gets help from Zoe on tracking the whereabouts of his uncle and learn about Zoe’s past relationship that puts his relationship with her into question. Would they end their relationship or not? As soon as Randel sends everyone home on election night; Zoe opens to Kevin and decides that she would want to move in together.

Randal learning the meaning of putting family ahead of anything else that includes politics; and having a flashback with Jack about being a man. We see how his relationship with Beth become stressful in a way; after speaking with the Father of the church local church; it’s like Randal finally understand that having a strong family is what being a man is about. And after apologizing to Beth and the kids, things really got better and even on election night, the results were too close to call. As Randal send everyone home, he finally gets the call and turns out he won.

This episode was another strong character developmental episode and strong writing and a well-performed episode from the ensemble cast. There were moments that I didn’t think would go the way it did from Zoe and Kevin’s relationship; as I thought it would end right there, but it didn’t and we can thank John Stamos for that. I give Beth and Randal some hope that their relationship would be okay after the fall finale.  Kate and Toby story was not only awkward when Toby learns that Kate sold his “DNS” (Do Not Sell), but won me over when Toby gave Kate a special gift that was one of many memorable moments.

Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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