Gotham (S05E01) “Legend of the Dark Knight: Year Zero”

Gotham roared back onto our screens with a promise of insanity to come for its last season. Fans have come to expect the most sensational, over-the-top costumes, sets, and storylines, and this season looks to bring all three in spades.

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Bruce Wayne
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***mild spoilers ahead***

We begin with an end. We see Jim Gordan (Ben MacKenzie), Penguin (Robin Taylor Lord), and Riddler (Cory Michael Smith) arming themselves to the teeth. Instead of the expected fight, the three are teaming up to repel what appears to be a military force. How we will get to the point of Gotham being a fortified city with those 3 working together is going to be a crazy ride.

The flash forward over, we’re shown back to Gotham in all its glory. Jeremiah  (Cameron Monaghan) had blown all the bridges at the end of last season. Gotham is now cut off, starving and devolving into sheer madness. The government refuses to help, the only “good” leader left is Jom Gordan.

The city has always been divided, but now those lines are stark and drawn in blood. Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) is working with Jim to care for the city, but even the act of bringing in food is fraught with danger. The hatred and enmity are so deep, I still can’t imagine how all these opposing forces are going to come together in the end. What outside force could be so great that Jim Gordan would stand beside the Penguin?

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Jim Gordan
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There is a lot of predictability still in Gotham. When a supply helicopter is shot down over the city you could practically hear audiences roll their eyes it was so expected. However, the writers truly shocked us with the ending.  I won’t spoil it, but suffice to say if this keeps up we won’t have anyone left in the city to save. We’re seeing the evolution of Bruce Wayne into Batman alongside Selina (Camren Bicondova) into Catwoman happen very rapidly and that’s the storyline that most excites me.

All in all a solid first episode. One that’s definitely got me hooked and waiting to find out how we come back around to the end.

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Scarecrow’s Gang
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