The Gifted (S02E12) “hoMe”

This week’s episode was very emotionally charged. Almost every character was in some sort of turmoil, and very little resolution was given. However that doesn’t mean it was a bad episode. It certainly set up next week’s episode perfectly. I can’t wait to see what comes of the Cukoo’s experiment with Andy, as Lauren will not be easily swayed.

More importantly I can’t wait to see how The Underground handles such a heavy blow. It’s hard to know how many outposts are left since the people with that information are now dead. I’m sure that John will do everything he can to locate as many mutants as possible, but I’m sure he will have competition from Reeva. Needless to say it appears The Underground’s days are numbered. Between dying and leaving for the Inner Circle, their numbers are rapidly shrinking. I hope that perhaps we will see a member or two of the X-Men, but that might be a stretch. Something needs to go right for our heroes soon, because if Reeva has her way, there won’t be any left. Even Lorna is frightened and now regretting joining The Inner Circle.

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I’m predicting in the next couple of episodes that the lines between friend and foe are going to be truly blurred. Our beloved characters are going to have some extremely tough decisions to make soon, and I have a feeling there will be more death as a consequence. Ultimately I’d love to see everyone happy and safe, but this isn’t always that type of show (RIP Dreamer and Shatter). However, another thing this show isn’t is predictable. I can sit here all day and theorize what path the writers may take, but they make it hard by consistently keeping me on my toes. I’m confident that the last few episodes of the season will be intense, and I know I am certainly looking forward to them.