S.W.A.T. (S02E12) – “Los Huesos”


In this episode, Captain Jessica Cortez (Stephanie Sigman) relives her past by going undercover again to rescue special agent, Adrian Cruz (Alejandro Barrios). She assumes the same alias, Alicia, she used years ago when she brought the cartel to justice back in 2012. Her alias has remained air-tight and no one knows her real identity. When she finds out Cruz has been taken by the Los Huesos, she decides to go back undercover to take them down one final time.

As per condition for going back under, she takes Chris (Lina Esco) with as backup. Hondo (Shemar Moore) takes Chris aside and asks her to watch Jessica’s back, as it’s been a while since she’s been in that life. Moments before Cruz was taken, he gave his wife his ring and phone so they won’t know who he his, but the Los Huesos will try to break him. The team will work this side of the border and Jessica and Chris, along with with the feds, work that side.

Cortez and Chris’ mission is to make contact with Raul Lopez (Luis Bordonada). A member of the Los Huesos she got to know when she was under. He served 3 years from the sting she ran. During his time he rose to power and is now the head of the cartel. He is a ruthless leader, but still has a soft spot for Cortez. She is hoping that she can reign by his side, even though he has someone currently. This doesn’t bode well with his current girlfriend, Gabi (Essined Aponte).

Paco (Enrique Rodriguez), seemingly Raul’s right-hand man, is hesitant about trusting them. Yesterday they had caught a ‘rat’, and today she arrives. However, Raul brushes it aside, again showing us his feelings and blindspot he has for her. Currently stationed in Mexico, Agent Jorge Romero (Alex Fernandez) gives them a signal to know how things are – if the curtains are open, run; but if they’re closed, continue.

SWAT S02E12 CURTAINS 300x169 - S.W.A.T. (S02E12) - "Los Huesos"
Agent Jorge, their only local backup, helps them during their time in Mexico City
Back in the good ol’ usa

This side of the border, Hondo hands out tasks to the team to find out where they’re keeping Agent Cruz. Deacon (Jay Harrington) looks into known locations of Los Huesos members in LA, Tan (David Lim) reaches out to Narcotics about the new drug they’re pushing and  Luca (Kenny Johnson) and Street (Alex Russell) look into a Los Huesos member in custody that they can lean on. Tan’s lead pans out and they bust a frat house filled with pills. Outside they find a father watching the place. Hondo and Deacon talk to him and gives them intel the delivery of the pills to the frat house.

SWAT S02E12 PILLS 2 300x169 - S.W.A.T. (S02E12) - "Los Huesos"
The team busts a frat house loaded with pills and gets them to flip on their supplier
going back to Mexico

Back in Mexico, Raul gives Cortez and Chris a mission to prove themselves. They have to kidnap Chato (Abraham Luna), a gang member gone rogue, and bring him to Raul. After chatting to Jorge they find a way to make it all work. Showing it in a video to Raul, they get him at a bar and take him outside. Once outside Chato tries to run and Chris shoots and kills him. Raul is mad but he gets over it. Their plan worked perfectly. Once he was believed to be dead, they got Chato to leave the country. While Cortez and Raul share a moment, Chris ‘deletes’ the video on the phone and sends a text to Street with the location of where they’re keeping agent Cruz.

SWAT S02E12 RAUL AND ALICIA 300x169 - S.W.A.T. (S02E12) - "Los Huesos"
Raul is completely infatuated with Jessica and the blind spot he has for her shows it

On their last day, two ops go down simultaneously. Hondo and the team breach the location of where they’re keeping agent Cruz and takedown Flacco and the other Los Huesos members torturing him. In Mexico City,  Chris realizes that their cover has been blown – one of Paco’s federal friends saw Chato leave via train. Raul realizes that Cortez has been playing him. Cortez and Chris quickly escape the hotel but Raul, Paco, and a few other Los Huesos members are quick behind. Cortez takes a phone from a lady while running past her. She uses this phone to contact agent Jorge and lets him know where they are. Cortez and Chris blindside them and take them down. Jorge and the Mexican Federal police shows. But, moments before Raul is arrested, he delivers one last threat to Jessica.

SWAT S02E12 THREAT 300x169 - S.W.A.T. (S02E12) - "Los Huesos"
Moments before Raul is arrested, he threatens Jessica
a softer side to hondo

Throughout the episode, we see Hondo with his mama, Charice (Debbie Allen). He goes over to her place to fix her shower and gives her a LED shower head. During the times we see him fixing the shower head, she begins to worry about him. She believes there is something causes him emotional strain. Something he won’t tell her. She mentions after Hondo tells her that Nia and he broke up “Maybe I raised you too independently.”

At the end of the episode, we see Hondo open up emotionally. Hondo opens up in a way we don’t see too often from him. He begins to talk about whether it is because he’s alone, a cop, or maybe because he’s black. But to him, it feels wrong because he is blessed with so much. Those who grew up with him don’t have his advantages. His mom reminds him that everything comes at a price, that this is what it’s like to being a king but being alone in the castle. Hondo jokes about having her still. But she jokes that her love doesn’t count. A mother’s love is blind and she’s not going to be here forever. She assures him that what he’s feeling isn’t flaws, but bumps. When he finds out what they are, those around him will help him through it.

SWAT S02E12 HONDO AND MAMA 300x169 - S.W.A.T. (S02E12) - "Los Huesos"
We see the deep connection Hondo and his mother share


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