Star Trek Discovery (S02E01) “Brother”

star trek discovery season 2 episode 1 review brother 300x169 - Star Trek Discovery (S02E01) "Brother"
Michael Burnham, Saru, Captain Pike, and his two officers, and a ship officer, on the lift to go to the bridge. Photo from Google.


Well Star Trek Discovery fans, the wait is finally over. Without further ado, I give you my review for season 2 episode 1 entitled “Brother”.

And so it begins

We start off the episode with a brief recap of season  1. Then there is a flashback to Micheal Burnham’s (Sonequa Martin-Green) past. We meet kid Spock who doesn’t give off a good first impression. Back to the present and the finding of a badly damaged USS Enterprise. After trying morse code to communicate with the ship, Captain Pike hails the Discovery and transports over with 2 officers. Michael and Saru (Doug Jones) go and meet them. Michael is expecting Spock, but he is not there.

Once on the bridge, Captain Pike takes over for an important mission. There have been mysterious sightings of 7 bursts of light all in sync. The Federation has been unable to track any of them except for one.  The ship makes its way to the last known location of the mysterious light.  There is a brief scene with Lt. Stamets (Anthony Rapp) still grieving over his lost love. He tells Tilly (Mary Wiseman) that he is planning to leave the enterprise for a teaching job on Vulcan.

The past is always present

Another flashback with Michael; Spock’s mother is reading her Alice in Wonderland. Presently she talks with Sarek (James Frain). He tells her that she was supposed to help teach Spock empathy. Michael replies that she did and for a time they got along, but in the end, Spock did not accept her. Sarek tells her to focus on the present.

When they come out of warp, asteroids bombard the Discovery. A scan of the area reveals a Federation ship that had gone missing almost 10 months prior. Micheal suggests they take out the landing pods since they can’t transport out due to interference. After a dizzying and suspenseful journey, Micheal and Captain Pike land on the asteroid. Of the two officers that came with Pike, one has died in the journey.

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Captain Pike, his officer, and Michael Burnham make their way into the contained zone. Photo courtesy of Google.

When they get into the damaged ship, homemade detectors appear and scan Michael and Pike. There is a voice telling them to get into the contained zone. They follow the machines through to the medical bay where they meet the survivors of the crash. The survivors don’t know anything about any signals and are shocked to hear that the Klingon war is over. The survivors are to be transported back to the Discovery, and Michael and Pike assist in moving them. Michael gets left behind as they transport the last survivors out. She is struck down and wounded by shrapnel when trying to get back to her landing pod. She falls unconscious.

As she slowly wakes up, she sees an obscure, blurry shape with a red glow and the silhouette of wings. Captain Pike emerges from the blurry shape. He had come back for her. Back on the Discovery, a large sample of the asteroid which is believed to contain non-baryonic matter or dark matter is transported onto the ship. Captain Pike has decided to stay on the Discovery for the foreseeable future. Micheal requests permission to visit the Enterprise to see Spock, but Spock went on leave and is not there. Michael goes into his quarters on the Enterprise and discovers that Spock knows about the mysterious sightings and has had troubling dreams about them.

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Michael Burnham and Captain Pike. Photo Courtesy of Google.
Final thoughts:

Overall I liked this episode. I think that Captain Pike lends a much-needed bit of comedy and amusement to the show. The scene with him and Tilly near the beginning of the episode were really cute. The stunning visuals and the soundtrack were amazing. I’m not sure how Spock is going to fit in with the grand scheme of things. In my opinion, I don’t think the flashbacks were necessary and in fact was a bit of a distraction to the episode. Hopefully, things will make more sense as the season goes on.

I give this episode an 8/10.

You can catch a new episode of Star Trek Discovery Thursday, January 24 on Space at 5/8C