Fam (S01E02) “Freddie Returns”

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After an exciting pilot, “Fam” came back with another episode called “Freddie Returns” and if there’s an expression that could sum up the entire episode that expression would be “WOW”.

I really don’t know where to start. I guess I should start on the good things? It’s the second episode so there’s not much character development, but we already can see some relationships growing and some coming up.

Shannon’s and Nick’s relationship. If there’s a relationship I never thought I’d be excited for on a TV show, that would be the relationship between a brother and sister in law. They absolutely won’t be regular brother and sister in law. I have this theory that Nick will be kinda of a father figure to her and I’m already eager to see that happening, because as you know tv parents and children’s relationship are my weakness. Let’s hope I’m right.

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Clem and her father’s relationship. As much as Clem fights to look like she doesn’t care about her father, she just can’t hide how much she is like him. They even hugged during the episode. I think Clem has to let her guard down with her father; even though he is the way he is, he really cares about his daughters in a weird way.

Last but not least the relationship between Clem’s father and Nick’s parents.  They are just total opposites. Opposites in basically everything, especially their attitudes to the way of raising children. I think a special friendship is forming between the fathers. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Clem’s father flirting with Nick’s mother more often. Not going to lie; I just love that.

Now to the not very good thing.

“Fam” is supposed to be a sitcom, but the only person who actually is funny is Shannon (played by Odessa Adlon). The others just try too hard, but I hope things will improve in the upcoming episodes and they become more naturally funny (if that makes any sense).

I know this was a very short review, but the truth is there wasn’t much I could talk about. I was really hoping to talk more but the second episode wasn’t as good as the pilot. It was good but not as good as the first episode. As I said before it’s only the second episode it still can get better and I’m sure it will, so for today this is all.

Hope to see you after episode 3!

See you soon

Love, Jo (@Living4series)