The Goldbergs (S06E12) “The Piña Colada Episode”

The Goldbergs (S06E12) “The Piña Colada Episode”

612 1 - The Goldbergs (S06E12) "The Piña Colada Episode"
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After last week’s sad goodbye of Lainey, everybody is heartbroken. Instead of making things better, Beverly only makes Barry and Erica (and Bill) sadder. Geoff and Murray work together to help them get over this. Murray has a plan: stuff, sandwiches, songs, and sixers. First, he’ll buy them stuff and then they’ll go to Arby’s. Afterward, he’ll play them happy songs and take them to a Philadelphia 76ers game. That will be enough to make them feel better. Geoff reluctantly agrees to help with Murray’s plan, but as he expected it doesn’t go well.

a horrible car ride

After the car stereo Murray bought for the kids breaks down, the Piña Colada Song keeps playing on a loop. Instead of making them feel happy, it only makes them angry. Things get worse when they hit traffic and are stuck with the song for hours. When they finally have enough, Murray tries to get out of the traffic jam by riding the breakdown lane. Of course, this doesn’t end well, and he gets a ticket from the police. Everybody gets mad at Murray until he confesses he misses Lainey as well. Since the family can’t really handle it when Murray has feelings, they eventually go home and eat in silence. To cheer Murray up, the family starts singing the Piña Colada Song. It doesn’t work at first, but the scene ends with all of them singing the Piña Colada Song.

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another goodbye

Meanwhile, Adam has to run a mile in gym class, but gets Beverly to bail him out. Adam’s friends also want to get out of running, and hope for Mellor to leave the school. The next class, Mellor announces he will be leaving William Penn to become a wrestling coach. Before he leaves, he first tries to find a good replacement. The first guy he finds to replace him, Coach Green (played by former NBA star Charles Barkley), is not a good fit, mostly because he is very much into believing aliens are real. So instead, Coach Mellor gets his much tougher brother, Coach Nick Mellor, to replace him.

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Adam pleas for Rick Mellor to stay, but he has made up his mind. He explains to Adam that the brothers both want everybody to be a winner, and not a Rosie Ruiz (after the woman who won the Boston Marathon, but cheated by taking the subway). After Adam hears her story, he has found his new sports hero in Rosie and cheats on the mile run with a little help from Pops. However, the original Coach Mellor is at the finish line as well, and is onto them. He’s very disappointed in Adam and his friends for cheating and he feels like he didn’t teach them anything.

To make up for what they did, they eventually finish their mile run, in possibly the slowest time ever. Adam tells Coach Rick how much he taught all the kids at William Penn Acadamy and in return, Rick actually calls Adam “Goldberg” for the very first time.

Final thoughts

I like Piña Coladas and I also liked this episode. I don’t really like Piña Coladas though, but I’m trying to mention the song as much as possible so it will be stuck in your heads too. But I did really like this episode.

I especially loved the car scenes this week. We’ve seen the Goldberg family in the car before and most of those scenes have been really funny as well (which makes me think of a certain other ABC show. Sorry for reminding you of how much you miss it, The Middle fans…). People being forced to be in the same small space together will always be a recipe for laughs. It looks like a very simple plot. Just throw a few people in a car and let them listen to the same song over and over, but the result was just hilarious. Barry’s angry reaction, combined with Erica’s annoyance and Bill’s freak-out were really funny and something that totally fits the Goldberg family as we know them.

After all the laughs, it was great and quite unexpected to find out that Murray also has a hard time with Lainey’s departure. As we’ve seen multiple times this season, Murray seems to be getting more comfortable with sharing his feelings. Like I mentioned before, I really like seeing this side of him because he’s usually this stoic guy who pretends to not have any feelings at all.

I enjoyed the other storyline as well. Lainey got her sendoff to Schooled last week; this week it was Coach Mellor’s turn. Focusing this storyline on Adam, the family member who doesn’t like sports at all, was a smart choice because it showed the viewers how much impact Coach had on everybody, not just on the athletes. The story also had plenty of laughs and it ended in a very sweet way. I also really loved that Charles Barkley cameo, he was pretty hilarious.

to recap…

The heartfelt moments at the end of the episode were really sweet, especially since it was about Murray (somebody you would least expect it from) and Adam and Coach (a couple you might not expect it from). But even though the episode was about the sadness still hanging around the Goldberg house and the goodbye of Coach Mellor, it was still really funny and had lots of laughs.

The Goldbergs returns this Wednesday, January 23rd, at 8/7c on ABC, followed by a new episode of Schooled.