The Punisher (S02E02) “Fight or Flight”

Alright guys and gals we had another good episode brought to us and I feel like it did answer some of those questions that I had after watching episode one, but I will get to all of that in a little bit. For right now lets get to the review and talk about what all went down in this episode!

Alright so dealing with the aftermath of what Frank/The Punisher (Jon Bernthal) did to protect Rachel (Giorgia Whigham) he tries getting the two of them to a safe place but turns out Frank ain’t doing too good especially with that ricochet bullet sitting in a place where no one wants to feel a bullet at. With Frank unable to drive until he deals with that bullet up his butt, the two of them stop in a motel where Frank gets Rachel to get them a room with blood stained money. Luckily the two of them get into that room and Frank goes to work to get that bullet out. Well it’s so lodged up there he ends up needing Rachel’s help to get it out, and she does. After that, Frank doesn’t trust Rachel all that much especially with her being so naive in thinking if she told these crazy assassins what they want to hear they will leave her alone, hell no they wont leave you alone.

I mean if I was in Frank’s position, I would probably have done things almost the same way, because when you don’t trust someone it’s hard to earn the trust, hopefully Rachel will wise up a little bit and start trusting Frank more so that he can trust her. But that’s my opinion!

With the season’s villain on the hunt for Rachel and now Frank as well, no one is safe. Not even the pretty bartender that he had that one night outing with. Yes we had more of an understanding of who the season’s villain is, his name is John Pilgrim (Josh Stewart) a villainous character who has the same mind set as Frank but is also a deeply religious man who seeks religion to guide him on his quest to “rid evil” in the way he puts it. But the only one who seems to be evil is him really, I mean so far in episode 1 and episode 2 now we have seen little bits of the villain to make him more mysterious I guess. But they did give us in this episode that he is a man in the Christian faith, which is interesting because comic book wise there really isn’t that many religious characters. However I did manage to find one comic book character that did come up as a religious man in his villain-y. The Mennonite, is what he’s called in the Marvel comics, but the only difference is that Mennonite is actually a brand new character that was introduced only to be killed off after three issues so there’s not that much information about the character. In the comics The Mennonite is an Amish religious man whose a hired hit man but seeks the word of God through his horrible acts which then gets picked up on Frank Castle’s radar. Eventually The Mennonite dies in issue three, I couldn’t get an exact cause of his death by searching but if you have read the comic which I haven’t then you can let us know. But other than Mennonite there’s really no other religious villains that Frank has come up against, but it is interesting that they switched the religion for the series, it was probably so they don’t get any hate on Amish viewers, just a thought.

Meanwhile, Billy Ruso (Ben Barnes) was more awake in this episode and we got a little understanding about what is going on with Billy and his transition into becoming that villainous villain Jigsaw. Apparently Billy does not remember a whole lot about what happened to him, nor can he understand why Agent Madani (Amber Revah) is so upset with him. But we did see that Billy is having nightmares about when his face got all messed up but instead of seeing Frank as the one who did the mess to Billy’s face; Billy is seeing a skull that is the one that did it but doesn’t know who is under the skull and he admits he’s afraid to find out. He tells Dr. Dumont (Floriana Lima) that his face is continuously burning, even after taking medicine to help with the pain the burning sensation is still there. He also admits to Dumont that Frank is like a brother to him, so in a way Billy’s mind went back to before he killed Frank’s wife and kids which is interesting. You would think that his mind wouldn’t go back that far especially since all he can really remember at only sometimes is his own name. He can’t remember the accident nor anyone, or so he wants us to believe but how well can we trust this guy?

Billy also mentioned when Madani was in the room that Dr. Dumont and him are putting the Jigsaw back together, so even though it kinda makes sense in why his memory would go back to before he killed Frank’s family, it still doesn’t make sense as to why he would want all of his memory put back together. If that makes sense, but I’m starting to think this is how Billy is going to get the name to call himself Jigsaw, because of always referring his memories as jigsaw pieces that need to be put back together. I just can’t wait for Billy to finally take off that mask and show us the true Jigsaw villain. I mean it’s going to be a big moment when that does happen, but it will be interesting to see how he feels when he does remember that it was Frank who did that accident to his face. I know, all in good time right?

Next Episode: The Punisher(S02E03) “Trouble the Water” will be reviewed Sunday January 20, 2019