Arrow (S07E10) “My Name is Emiko Queen”

So guys and gals we had a great episode brought to us tonight and it was a good one, we found out so much about our new addition to the Queen family! We also have questions but before we start questioning lets get to this review!

So in this episode we got a lot more information on who Emiko Queen (Sea Shimooka) is in the Arrowverse. I’m glad that they kept the original origin of Emiko by her being the daughter of Robert Queen. However the parentage has been changed just as we all thought it would be in the Arrowverse. Robert Queen apparently had two families, the family with Moira, Oliver, and Thea. But also the family with Tsumi and Emiko, but which family did he truly see as his one and true family? It’s hard to say really, but by the look of the letter that Robert left to Walter, it looked like Tsumi and Emiko were the real family that he wanted to be with. Which brings us to a possible theory, but I will get to that in a little bit.

So that theory that I have is since Robert saw Tsumi and Emiko as his true family that he wanted to be with, that yacht that Robert and unexpectedly Oliver ride went on, was it really Robert’s way of trying to escape from Moira and the family by faking his death and being with Emiko instead? I feel like it could’ve been his original plan but then Oliver came with Sara and things got complicated which then we all know created Oliver being the Green Arrow. But if this theory is correct it actually explains in that episode back in Season 1 when they showed Robert and Oliver first getting on the yacht all those episodes ago. Because if you recall that scene when they were about to first get on it, Robert was very concerned and disappointed that Oliver was coming along which screwed up his plans to fake his death to be with the correct woman that was the love of his life.

And it seems that after Robert had died, Tsumi and Emiko came to Star City to get a understanding of where Robert came from and where he was living. But it seems like somewhere in the last year Emiko’s mother had died by causes of a bullet which she traced to the glades of Star City. She started her mission this season after the death of her mother and the fire to cover it up. But the question is who killed Tsumi? Was it Diaz (Kirk Acevedo)? Was it Merlyn (John Barrowman)? Or was it someone who has not been introduced yet? Someone with power and money went through a lot of trouble to frame a crime lord to make Emiko believe that it was the crime lord. But who would do such of a thing? If you have theories leave them in the comments I’d love to read them.

This episode really brought us back to a lot of moments of when the series first started, like Emiko having the book with the list but it wasn’t the list that we saw back then, it’s a list that Emiko had made all by herself of criminals that she thought were connected to her mother’s murder but now she’s back at square one. Will Emiko trust Rene (Rick Gonzalez) enough to have him as a partner in the vigilante time.

But now that Oliver (Stephen Amell) knows about Emiko, will she allow him to connect with her? Will the two of them be able to become a family like how he’s hoping they can be? I’m sure all will be revealed soon!

Next Episode: Arrow(S07E11) “Past Sins” airs January 28, 2019 at 8/7c on The CW