Bull (S03E12) “Split Hairs”

Screenshot 2019 01 21 17 22 21 1 300x158 - Bull (S03E12) "Split Hairs"Tonight, Bull and TAC assist a Medical Examiner, charged with evidence tampering. It is  a case that made the career of the M E, Julia Martin (Francie Swift) 

Six years ago,  John Malford, (John Palladino)  kills Emily Baker ( Hailey Vest) in a public bathroom. He’s a serial killer. 

This “bathroom stall killer” is caught, when Julia decides to analyze every detail and go that extra mile.  She likes…puzzles.

Claiming complete success in this most unusual and complicated case, it skyrockets her career.  Yey she’s arrested 6 years later, facing 10 years for tampering, this very case! 

During her extensive attention to detail that appears more savant, Julia finds a pubic hair in the esophagus (eww) of Emily. It belongs to John. He’s Arrested, Tried, Convicted.

Yet out of apparent desperation and being  out of appeals, the finalizing evidence,  (the hair that was found in the victims esophagus) doesn’t match now! Julia is brought up on charges! 

Bull and Benny want to claim a mistake… she says nope! Good girl. She didn’t  do it and won’t cop a plea! She doesn’t cheat , cause she is compelled to find the answers on her own!  Plus, she doesn’t make mistakes! She’s not arrogant,  just…truthful! 

It’s another who dunnut and I’m liking that theme, this season.  It”s a sophiscated  frame up, for sure.

The who and why, after all of this time, is the question.

Who tampered and why at the reputable expense of the M.E. AND the probable release of thousands from the prisons..who did do it!

Although within minutes of interviewing the co workers,  it was obvious to me,  “who dunnit” yet it was fun to watch it unravel. I was wrong anyway! 

On another note and meanwhile, back at the office and  behind closed doors;  Bull spends every spare moment texting Lindsey in Texas. He declares his not love, yet lonely. Sweet

I still have no interest in a more than law relationship with this woman and Bull. Yet it appears to be  going that way, so “congratulations!”

it was good to see  Paul Ben-Victor as  the defense Attorney Ryan Paul He represents Malford.  Interestingly, Ryan Paul,  also initiated  the inquiry . Ummm.  Its obvious he wants something. What do you want?

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