Chicago Med (S04E11) “Who Can You Trust”

It’s that one simple question, who can you trust? Here’s a recap!

“Who can you Trust” was an intense and dramatic episode that puts each character in a situation and divided each one. From Halstead, who still battling his PTSD, is standing by his patient’s decision, who’s a pregnant surrogate with twins, whether to end one of the baby’s life to save the other or putting in a stint in that could save them both. Will gets the patient to decide over the parents; soon gets benched by Goodwin for his actions; Will takes it out on Natalie, who she thinks he needs help.

Ethan and April’s work relationship is tested when they have a difference of opinion about treating the patient. With Ethan doing all that he can for a former veteran but dies in the end. Ethan confronts April about her ethics and her feelings towards Vicki that soon gets her open about she still has feelings and kisses Ethan in the doctor’s lounge, but leaves just before Vicki shows up.

Conner and Ava’s relationship seems to be on hyperdrive and for real. He still stands by her story about her encounter with his father. But after treating a patient that needs a liver donation doesn’t want her own sister to donate because she killed her daughter years ago.  But Ava does what Conner thinks is unthinkable and does the surgery with the patient’s sister with her knowing it. Conner soon visits her father to hear his side of the story.

I’d very much enjoyed the episode from beginning to the end and at times disagreeing with characters that would think know better. I think that it’s gonna take time for Will to see that he needs help. I’m sure that Ethan and April’s relationship might be over after that kiss. And the bigger question in this episode: who do you trust between Conner’s father and Ava? I think there have been times when you could trust Ava but for somehow I think she’s telling the truth.

Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

What do you think of the episode? Who do you trust between Ava and Conner’s father? Leave a comment!

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