Supernatural (S14E10) “Nihilism”

“Tell me, why do you love this world so much to risk your own life?”

“Tell me, why do you hate this world so much to where you want to burn it to the ground?”

(Other Micheal talking to Castiel scene)


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In this episode…..

Other Micheal took back over Dean last episode since he left an opening. But this time the gang isn’t taking any chances. They put him in cuffs & haul him back to the bunker! An back at the bunker Sam & Cast have to go through Dean’s mind to find him. While there’s a monster army running a muck out on the city.


My Prediction for this Episode (I haven’t seen any spoilers).

Sam & Cast might have to go through a roller coaster of memories/dreams in Dean’s head. Some being Dean’s & the other’s being Other Micheal. But I feel like they won’t be able to find Dean in just one go though.


” Even God can die.”   (Other Micheal)


Overall thoughts & if my prediction comes true.

Technically it didn’t exactly come true. I thought Sam & Cast would go through a roller coaster of things. But no. They just only heard all of Dean’s screams & pain instead.Luckily Sam told Cast to go through Dean’s happy memories instead, since Dean lives on trauma.

Now how Sam got inside Dean’s head? He used an old machine that the Men of Letters used before to enter a person’s mind, Cast just caught a ride through Sam. And Jack to safe guard while Maggie & the others tried defending off Monsters. But Jack was the on to save the day. He used his powers. Which he shouldn’t have. Burns off his soul.

As for Dean’s head it took Dean & Cast awhile to convince Dean that he was stuck in a loop. (Dean had his own bar called Rocky’s Bar.) They had to make him remember some main bad memories but it brought him back. Only problem is, they had to brawl it out with a stalling Other Micheal who was waiting for his monsters to kill them. Joke’s on him! Cause Dean had a plan, well sot of. They didn’t fight Micheal to the death, instead Dean locked him in the freezer. Cause it’s his mind, his rules. Dean is the cage for Other Micheal.

In the end they all came back & Sam thanked Maggie for helping them. For he knew he could trust her. Cast had to talk seriously to Jack about burning his soul. And Dean now has to deal with banging in his head with an angry Other Micheal. But that’s not all! Here’s the kicker! Bill came to visit! She reminded Dean that he didn’t heed her warnings about dimension hopping & now he’s in a mess with an archangel in his head. Plus all his random deaths have been rewritten to be the same thing. Other Micheal breaking free from his mind & ending this world. But there is one death that is different. She gives it to Dean to read & tells him it’s up to him on what to do with that information. An from the look on his face, I think that Death might be worse. Or it might be painful for him to go through.


‘Kill a Ghoul, get a beer.” (Dean)


What I got from the next episode preview.

  • Dean isn’t really himself. So Sam calls Mamma Winchester with concern.
  • An look what the cat dragged in, Nick is back! Oh hell..please don’t kill anyone else.


Favorite Screencap: That, “I’m so done with this face! Why blood?!”

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