The Punisher (S02E03) “Trouble the Water”

Alright guys and gals, I’m sorry for the review being posted up a day late but I’m here now and I’m here to give you all this review! We had quite a lot happen in this episode and some clarity in this episode. We also found out some information on the big bad of the season! So lets get to the review!

So in this episode we got a little insight in who John Pilgrim (Josh Stewart) is working for. It turns out that Pilgrim is working for a dark couple, Eliza (Annette O`Toole) and Anderson Schultz (Corbin Bernsen) who noticed that a little someone with their group of kids are causing them trouble and need the trouble to end. So they went to Pilgrim to get him to eliminate the problem quietly if possible. It was then that he told his wife Allie Pilgrim (Allie McCulloch) about how long to expect him to be gone. But with the condition of Allie, I feel like when he came back or does come back that his wife might not be alive. As for the evil couple that hired him as their hit man for hire, but the question remains exactly who are these two? Why did they want these kids eliminated? What did they steal? What did they take? Guess we will find out soon enough.

In the present time, we saw Frank/Punisher (Jon Bernthal), Ohio Police, and one helpless girl by the name of Rachel/Amy/many others (Giorgia Whigham) to face off against John Pilgrim and his own hired help to get the girl killed. When the police finally figured out that they were not a match for the bad guys they released The Punisher to let him go to work and kill all the bad people. The only one that got away was Pilgrim but I think their fight is going to end most likely at the end of the season so we will be seeing a lot of Pilgrim and his bible quoting ways while killing people many more episodes.

Meanwhile, Billy/Jigsaw (Ben Barnes) finally escaped the hospital, honestly I thought it would’ve taken him longer to escape but I guess he saw his opening and took it by almost killing two officers and choosing to run away. But if he only had the clothes that he is wearing, how far is he really going to get? Honestly I think he wont get far until he gets caught and something happens. Something tells me that we might be seeing Billy transition soon into becoming the real Jigsaw, wither it happens this season or next season not saying there will be one just saying there could be. But we will have to keep watching to see what all happens.

Because of the hospital escape, Madani (Amber Revah) takes an interest in helping Frank out in Ohio to recruit him for the job in New York to track down Billy and get him back into custody the right way. But will Frank really help bring him in the right way? Only one way to find out by watching!

Overall this episode was everything that Punisher should be, gun fights, blood, gun shots, more blood, more gun shots, and then lots of other violence in between.

Next Episode: The Punisher(S02E04) “Scar Tissue” will be reviewed today!