The Punisher(S02E05) “One-Eyed Jacks”

Alright guys and gals we had another great episode, we saw more on Billy and Frank got more answers to start trying to unravel the mystery of our big bad of the season. Lets get to this review though!

So in this episode we saw Dr. Dumont (Floriana Lima) still helping with Billy/Jigsaw (Ben Barnes) being an escapee and hiding out in her apartment. But it makes you wonder how long will that truly last? I mean not that I don’t trust the doctor’s loyalty because obviously she does have some twisted loyalty to Billy but you still have to be curious if shes going to one of these days just do the right thing and make him turn himself in. But only time will tell, all I can tell is that she doesn’t plan on doing anything just yet because she bought him new clothes, I guess we should be lucky that she got the right size.

Billy chose to try and make a new friend during this episode with an ex-army head by the name of Jake Campbell (Jordan Dean) which I guess it wasn’t hard for Billy to do so especially since his face is being posted on the news. But getting the guy drunk so he can easily make friends, not the way how I would do it, but at least it worked for Billy so maybe he now has a drinking buddy or something. I don’t know how Curtis (Jason R. Moore) would feel about hearing that Jake is picking up drinking a lot with a “new friend” but wont say the name of the new friend.

Meanwhile, Frank/The Punisher (Jon Bernthal) went to Turk (Rob Morgan) to try to find answers about John Pilgrim (Josh Stewart) but the lead that he was hoping to find out from Turk was unknown so Frank had to visit with the Russians. You never want to mess with those Russians man, they can be deadly when it comes to it; Frank did get some answers but not the answers that he wanted.

And the more that I see Frank and Amy (Giorgia Whigham) together I kinda feel like this is Frank’s second chance at trying to help someone at what age his daughter would’ve been by now and that he has the chance to see this kid have a better life. The life that he wanted for his daughter if only his kids and wife would only be alive. And I hope Amy can stay alive long enough to be a redemption of sorts for Frank. But we shall see we still have 7 episodes to go and so far this season has been an awesome season!

We also saw how well the Schultz’s were going to be taking care of John Pilgrim’s family while he’s gone on this trip to do these bad deeds by killing everyone who knows something about the photos. And anyone who talks about the incident and needs to be silenced. which tends to be a whole lot of people who talk especially when it’s Frank who is doing the beating to find the answers! This episode definitely did have that Punisher type of violence from the comics which is always a plus when you are watching a series and hope to get that good action in it.

Next Episode: The Punisher(S02E06) “Nakazat” will be reviewed tonight!