Manifest (S01E12) “Vanishing Point”

This review contains some major spoilers for the twelfth episode of Manifest entitled Vanishing Point. (as well as some for all other episodes).

Wow Manifesters, finally we got a glimpse of two important new characters Monday night. We met the elusive Major (guest star, Elizabeth Marvel) who seems to be relocating to New York (obviously to be closer to our favorite 828-ers). Then there’s Zeke (guest star, Matt Long) who certainly does turn everything we thought we knew about the mythology of Manifest and turns it upside down.

Major appearance

Major 300x171 - Manifest (S01E12) “Vanishing Point”
Elizabeth Marvel as The Major

Finally, we get to see who is behind the clandestine organization who has been pulling the strings even before Flight 828 got back. The Major is shown talking to Jansen (guest star, Brandon Schrami) attempting to keep Autumn (guest star, Shirley Rumierk) in line. At the same time, we know that she is going to be sticking around for a bit since she seems to be moving into the area.

Autumn’s story

Michaela and Autumn 300x200 - Manifest (S01E12) “Vanishing Point”
l to r: Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela Stone and Shirley Rumierk as Autumn Cox

We get a little bit more on Autumn’s backstory after Cal’s (Jack Messina) disappearance. Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh) kicks in Autumn’s door to go after her to find out what happened to her nephew. However Autumn tells Michaela that she has no idea where Cal was. Michaela arrests her in an attempt to get her to talk to her. She then finds out that the Major’s leverage is a child that Autumn had before she left on 828. Michaela gets her to help them by telling her that they will help track down her daughter. Only if she helps them first with Cal. Autumn gives them the page she took from Cal’s sketchbook that showed her with her daughter. She also helps to throw The Major’s men off Ben (Josh Dallas) and Grace’s (Athena Karkanis) trail as they search for their son.

In Cal We Trust

Cal and Cabin 300x172 - Manifest (S01E12) “Vanishing Point”
Jack Messina as Cal Stone

Grace and Ben work together to look for Cal. Ben gets upset that his wife chose to get the police involved in Cal’s disappearance and finally tells her about how their son has been affected by the Callings. Grace is obviously upset over Ben not telling her about something that was affecting their son. However, Ben and Michaela explain about the danger they believed to have to do with disclosing information about the Callings to those that were not members of Flight 828. With Jared’s (J.R. Ramirez) help, they call off the police in the search for Cal. Olive (Luna Blaise) figures out because of twin magic that her brother wasn’t kidnapped. Ben and Grace use Cal’s drawings to figure out where he went and are reunited with him right before Zeke makes his first appearance.

Zeke 300x168 - Manifest (S01E12) “Vanishing Point”
Matt Long as Zeke Landon

They find that Cal has brought with him all of the supplies that they need for them to take care of Zeke’s hypothermia. Once Michaela gets to the cabin, they realize that he is the same person that has been in her vision for the past two weeks. When Zeke wakes up he tells them something that turns everything on upside down. He pulls out a picture of Michaela from a magazine about the Flight 828 disappearance because he felt she was compelling him to go on and not give up. Zeke tells them how he had gotten stuck in a cave two weeks ago while camping. However, they soon find out that it’s been over a year since he has been gone.

Zekes article 300x169 - Manifest (S01E12) “Vanishing Point”

Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela Stone

Questions for this week:

So now that we finally have seen the Major, what does she want? Is she as bad as it seems or is she going to end up like Vance and become an ally?

Now that we know who Zeke is, what is going on with him? How did he have a similar experience to those that were on 828? Are there more people out there losing time?

Also, can we trust Zeke? He is supposed to become another part of a love triangle (rectangle), what are we thinking about this?