The Gifted (S02E13) “teMpted”

The theme of temptation was very strong on this week’s episode as the title suggests, and it wasn’t just Lauren. Lorna is continuing to be less faithful to the Inner Circle as time goes, and we all know she can only hide for so long with the Cukoo’s lurking. Esme may even be tempted to leave if Lorna did, but her connections to the Inner Circle run far deeper than anyone else. It’s highly doubtful that her sisters would ever leave barring a betrayal from Reeva.

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We also got to see more of the Morlocks tonight which is always nice. They conduct a supply raid and it doesn’t go as smoothly as planned. It’s unfortunate that they have to take such risks to survive, but they really don’t have any choice. The Morlocks may be mostly thriving in the sewers, but the lack of sun makes it near impossible to be self sustaining. My guess as to why they don’t have a grow op is the heat/energy signature it can give off.

Even then that wouldn’t cure any illnesses, and from tonight’s episode we can tell they don’t really have doctors either. One would think they would try to take less risks to minimize injury, but the Purifiers and Sentinel Services have made that option a difficult pick. Thankfully Blink still has a good relationship with Kate so she is able to help. By doing this she opens Erg’s eyes to the fact that some humans can be trusted despite his past betrayal. My hope is that will spur the Morlocks to the big battle we know is coming.

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The build-up to the big conflict grows with each passing episode, and I fear for the Underground’s survival now that Lauren is numbing herself. I mean, I can’t blame her for going off the rails a little bit. I’m sure if many of us were in her situation we would lose it too. It’s difficult to deal with puberty, it must be tenfold for a Mutant; especially given the nature of her powers. Lauren is doing her best without Andy, but the separation is definitely taking it’s a toll. Having her mind psychically attacked every time she sleeps has made her paranoid and brash. It was a double-edged sword to see her take the gene suppressant. It leaves us with a few questions; will Lauren step away from the fight permanently, and will there be enough suppressant left for Reed? I’m hoping the coming weeks episodes will reveal the answers.