The Punisher(S02E09) “Flustercluck”

Alright guys and gals, we have an awesome episode brought to us tonight and it was a really good one! We find out that a bounty is out on Frank and Amy’s head and things just got even worse for Frank but we will get to that in a little bit! So lets get to that review!

So with this episode we saw John Pilgrim (Josh Stewart) being given new orders by Anerson Schultz (Corbin Bernsen) to not pursue Frank (Jon Bernthal) and Amy (Giorgia Whigham) but to just have a bounty put on their head and not have to worry about doing the dirty work anymore. The Schultz’s understand how discrete Pilgrim has to be because of past things that happened. Pilgrim goes to Todd (Jimi Stanton) to get the bounty made, when Pilgrim gives Todd a phone and money to start the bounty; Todd starts making calls but an important call to Kusack (Kevin Chapman) to tell him that a familiar face is back in town and paid him a visit.

With a bounty on Frank and Amy’s head now, it makes Frank’s search for Billy (Ben Barnes) a lot more complicated. Frank now has to make sure he doesn’t get spotted by any of the scumbags that are after him and Amy. When Curtis (Jason R. Moore) leave Amy alone and thought that she would stay in one place, Amy leaves in hopes that her friend would help her out from the whole “fluster cluck” of a problem. Yep that’s right I used the title of the episode to describe the situation of Frank and Amy, just like how Amy did in the episode.

When Frank finds out that Amy is staying with her so called “friend” he comes after her only to save her from more guys that are trying to collect the bounty on Frank and Amy. Those guys were not prepared for the hell that was brought on them. Frank came full on loaded but thankfully Amy remembered the training that Frank taught her with the gun. And she used that training to shoot a guy, thinking she killed him Frank chose to kill the poor guy who was just whining on the floor to make Amy feel better about shooting the guy. I mean you would think that shooting at this scumbag that it wouldn’t phase her, I mean shooting at Curtis didn’t phase her in the last episode but I guess because she did miss it is different.

We also saw Billy make a visit to Madani (Amber Revah) to find answers about what really happened to him and why Frank wants to kill him. Madani tells him how he killed many people at a festival including Frank’s family. And how he smugged everything in Frank’s face and Frank chose to come after him to kill him but instead gave him that Jigsawed face. After Billy finds this out he immediately goes back to Dr. Dumont (Floriana Lima) to tell her about what he found out; Dumont reminds Billy that Frank gave him a second chance at life and he needs to stand up and take the most out of it.

Which I really have to admit, I never really thought that Dr. Dumont would ever actually fall in love with Billy and give him all these ideas. Like I really thought she would throw Billy to the wolves by now but maybe she is just way too scared to do so like an abusive relationship or something just without the abuse. I guess we will find out Dumont’s true intentions eventually, all I know is I am loving this Billy/Jigsaw arc that is happening for this season!

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