Supernatural (S14E11) “Damaged Goods”

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“He hugged me.”

I’m just going to jump right into it cause this episode…had me. Emotionally & mentally.   

My Prediction for this episode (I haven’t seen any spoilers):

Dean’s behavior might be a bit off because he’s very concerned about Micheal being let loose. Plus he also might feel down or scared about the “other way to die,” that he got from Death. So it concerns the hell out of Sam even though Dean is going to go see Mamma Winchester. It looks like he’s building something as well…what is it?

“Winchester Surprise?!”

Overall Thoughts of the Episode:

This episode has blown my damn mind! For the good & the sad parts of my brain. Like what the actual hell did I just watch?!

Okay…let’s backtrack first.

So Dean caged Micheal in his head. Nick is on a revenge run. Mamma Winchester is on vacation, & Sam is trying to find a way to save Dean. This episode is nowhere near saving…this is damn suicide! (I don’t like the fact that I typed that word). I had a feeling Dean was going to do something crazy, but not this! All the signs were there. He’s making it seem like he can be strong but he can’t.  He grabs books & tools from the bunker to build. You can see the concern but sadness in his face when he talks to Sam before leaving. Sam knows something isn’t right, which is reinforced when things go missing! Like what the hell! The Dean goes to see Donna to get a burger & ask about her life. Donna knows something is off because Dean keeps avoiding her questions. The way she says “again,” to him being possessed. It’s like, “I know you’re suffering, you can’t hide it this time. This time is worse!” Dean is just Dean & brushes it off.

Then comes the kicker of really noticing things. He’s finally with his mom. He talks to her & brings up the one meal she knows how to cook. He wants her to make that for him, so he can be happy. This is how I knew he was thinking about Death. When you want to see the people you care about, but don’t want to worry about the main ones. When your mom is still around so you ask for that one meal that makes you think of home or your childhoods The signs are there! It’s like he put a hit out for himself or basically he’s going to do it himself. 

“I don’t feel sorry for you Nick. I feel sorry for the people you hurt; You can burn.”

Now before we get into what he wants to do, Nick interrupted all this with his revenge plot. Traveling all the way to the barn for Mamma Winchester, for she’s the one that trapped the demon away that killed his family. The reason why his family was killed wasn’t a good reason at all. The demon Abraxis saying there were orders, he was chosen, & that it was all Lucifer’s doing. He did get to kill him. Sam was disappointed, no, actually just disgusted with Nick for all that he had done. Killing people to find out the information he needed. Nick told Sam he didn’t need to be fixed; there was no fixing for him. Nick was already long gone because of Lucifer’s possession.

Donna stuffed Nick in the police car after their talk. On the other side, Mamma Winchester told Dean that he had to tell Sam his plan, or she would since she saw what he was building. Dean had made a box to contain himself in so that Lucifer & he couldn’t get out. Sam, of course, was already against burying Dean alive underground. Dean was way ahead of him on that one. He wanted to be dropped at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean…for all eternity with Other Micheal. At this point, I was like, “The hell?!” I was even more shocked when Sam said he would help him. ‘Cause Dean wasn’t going to talk him out of this one.

The next episode will scar me.

“I won’t be talked out of this. I won’t. I’m doing this.”

My thoughts on the Episode Preview for Next Week:  (Prophet & Loss)

Dean wants Sam there with him to the very end. Literally. We see them talking & going to a church. Then it flips to Dean screaming Sam’s name while underwater & Cast’s voice telling him to stop with this crazy idea. I feel like everyone is going to be emotional as hell next week… know I am.