The Goldbergs (S06E13) “I Coulda Been a Lawyer”

The Goldbergs (S06E13) “I Coulda Been a Lawyer”

Beverly is and always has been the Goldbergs’ house cook, stylist and pharmacist, she does the cleaning, couponing, complaining and of course the shopping. But she has made it very clear that if she didn’t do all that, she could have been a lawyer. When she has a car accident at an intersection close to the house, she makes sure to fight city hall for another stop sign.

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With her exhibits A, B and C and of course a video by Adam (inspired by Escape from New York) she gets the comptroller to agree to extra stop signs. After her victory the family is proud of her, and Erica encourages her to continue with her dream, especially because she knows how hard it is to do that. But when Beverly hears what it takes to become a lawyer, even for a legal eagle like her, she gives up. She’s happy knowing she just could have been a lawyer.


With her dream of becoming a lawyer falling through, Erica tries to help find Beverly another dream to follow. Beverly doesn’t really want to do anything else, because what she’s doing around the house now is fine for her. But Erica tries to push her as much as possible because if Beverly can follow a dream, Erica can still believe in her dream of becoming a singer. Beverly tries to tell her that she’s already living her dream by raising a family, but that saying that she wants to become a lawyer just sounds better. But Beverly’s words come too late. Erica has given up on her dream.

Beverly realizes she isn’t setting a good example for her daughter and decides to follow another dream of hers by starting a cookbook. And with that, Erica goes back to singing again, for the first time after Lainey’s departure.


Meanwhile, after Barry’s heartbreak of losing Lainey, he has forgotten to apply to colleges. Murray is very serious about this and wants to help him with his essay and resume. And since Barry’s resume isn’t quite filled with any things that would be of interest to colleges, Murray decides to ‘shoulder pad’ his son’s resume. And just like that Barry becomes the head of a neighborhood watch, a gymnast, head of the Isaac Newton society and of course a pirate.

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The JTP however doesn’t like Barry’s way of thinking, and tells him how unfair it is if he would get into college like this. Barry rethinks his decision and writes an honest college essay about all that’s happened this year. Murray loves his essay because Barry is telling the truth and it shows how much he’s grown over the year. And even though it may not get him into college, Murray assures Barry that he cares about him more than he does about anything else.


And with that another fantastic episode of The Goldbergs is in the books. This week the issue of the stop sign finally got revolved. In every episode so far where we’ve seen any Goldberg family member drive away, no matter which vehicle they use, they will always run the stop sign. It had always just been a really funny thing to see to me, and something the writers put in  for fun. But for the show to actually write a storyline about it, that’s based on a true story no less, was just brilliant. And to add Bev’s iconic “I coulda been a lawyer” thing to this whole plot, just made it even better.

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I loved the dynamic between Beverly and Erica in this episode. Instead of Erica being the snarky daughter, she was actually being helpful and supportive towards her mom. And I loved it that they both encouraged each other to follow their dreams. Also I want Bev’s cookbook and I want it now. Adam, please make it happen.

With all the Lainey stuff going on, you would almost forget that Barry really has to graduate high school at some point this year. I enjoyed how Murray wanted to help his son, in a way that I didn’t expect from him. The shoulder padding was hilarious though and I’m happy Barry came to his senses on his own. It seems like he really has grown up throughout this season. I’m looking forward to see where his storyline is headed, especially knowing he will eventually become a doctor.


Besides the great dynamics between the characters in both storylines, the episode overall was just really enjoyable. Whenever a chalkboard is involved in an episode, you know there’s going to be a ridiculous scene involving a long list of hilarious things. And this week we got two! Both were equally entertaining, and totally worked for both storylines. Combined with the heartfelt scenes later on, both plots really got a nice ending. It all made for a very balanced episode.

The Goldbergs returns Wednesday, January 30th, at 8/7c on ABC. After that there will be another episode of Schooled. And just FYI, if you’re not already, that’s another show you really should be watching.

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