“The Spanish Princess” coming this Spring on Starz!

Hi there! Missed me? So today I wil talk about another show that will start this spring.

In case you don’t know I’m a huge history nerd and I’ve watched many historic based tv shows like “Timeless”, “Poldark”, “The Halcyon” and among many others “The White Queen” and “The White Princess”.

“The White Queen” and “The White Princess” and the upcoming “The Spanish Princess” are based on the books of Philippa Gregory an english historical novelist.

The first one “The White Queen” aired on BBC in 2013 telling the story of Elizabeth Woodville the wife of King Edward IV in 10 episodes, and starred Rebecca Ferguson as Queen Elizabeth Woodville, Max Irons as King Edward IV, Aneurin Banard as Richard Duke of Gloucester and Amanda Hale as Margaret Beaufort, among many others.

The second one “The White Princess” aired on Starz! in 2017 and it’s a sequel to “The White Queen”. “The White Princess” tells the story  in 8 episodes of the eldest child of King Edward IV and Queen Elizabeth Woodville, Elizabeth “Lizzie” of York who was the daughter, sister, niece, wife and mother of a King. “The White Princess” starred Jodie Comer as Elizabeth “Lizzie” of York Princess/Queen of England, Jacob Collins-Levy as King Henry VII of England, Rebecca Benson as Margaret “Maggie” Plantagenet paternal cousin of Lizzie, Essie Davis as Elizabeth Woodville and Michelle Fairley as Margaret Beaufort, among many others.

“The Spanish Princess” is the sequel to these both shows and the fans have already high expectations for it due to its prequels, the prequels showed two amazings casts, interesting plots and amazing visuals! “The Spanish Princess” will tell the story of Catherine of Aragon, the daughter of Queen Isabella I of Castille and King Ferdinand II of Aragon  and the wife of Arthur, Prince of Wales and later the first wife of King Henry VIII.

Everyone knows the story of King Edward VIII, the man who created a whole new form of the christian religion in order to marry…  well if I’m gonna be honest with you…. to marry as many time as he wanted. But “The Spanish Princess” won’t be about him… well it will include him but it will focused on his (first) sister in law and future first wife. Judging by the trailer of “The Spanish Princess” I can already say that just like its prequels it alredy shows amazing visuals… about the cast and plots I’ll only be able to say something after the episodes air! Also based on the trailer, the protagonist just like the protagonists of the prequels is a very determined and strong woman.

What I’m really looking forward to see happening is how they will show Arthur and Catherine’s relationship, how will she and his family react to his death, and how the relationship between Catherine and Henry will develop, in the trailer we can already see a little bit of the chemistry between them and even though I  know how their relationship will end I ship them so hard already!! OMG Poor me! I always ship what seems to be impossible to get happy endings!

“The Spanish Princess” will air this spring on Starz!, starring Charlotte Hope as Catherine of Aragon, Angus Imrie as Arthur Prince of Wales, Dame Harriet Walter as Margaret Beaufort, Laura Carmichael as Margaret “Maggie” Pole, Ruari O’Connor as Henry Prince of Wales, Elliot Cowan as King Henry VII and Alexandra Moen as Queen Elizabeth of York.

Anyways for today that’s all, I’ll see you soon with my review for “Fam” and in spring for my “The Spanish Princess” reviews!

Love, Jo (@living4series)