Fam (S01E03) “Stealing Time” & (S01E04) “It’s been a while”

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First of all sorry for not updating you with my review for “Fam” sooner, however I had a few problems and only was able to watch the episodes today. So I’ll give to you in one post two reviews since CBS aired 2 episodes last Thursday.

Starting with my review on the third episode of season 1: “Stealing Time”

The episode starts with Shannon, Clem and Nick on their loft when Freddie pays a visit to them. Just like in the previous episodes, once again we see him coming to his daughters because…. well you guessed it…. he needs something, this time a bunch of pictures to pretend that his daughters still live with him. I’ll be honest 3 episodes in and I still don’t know how to feel about him.

After that we see the main trio arriving at Nick’s parents, some conversations lead to Nick’s father realizing that a watch that was given to him by his father in law was stolen. It doesn’t take much time to Clem and Nick to realize who stole it, Shannon.

When they get back home they make Shannon confess by threatening taking away her phone, afraid of it happening just like any other teenager she confesses and Shannon, Clem have a really nice bonding moment.

After that, the trio goes to the pawn shop to get the watch back, however since they can’t afford to get it back Clem goes to see her father to help them get it back. Yeah… this is the base of their relationship they’ll go to eachother when in need. When Clem tells Freddie what Shannon did he looks proud, wich is weird taking in account that he is a detective, he should be everything except PROUD. When Clem asks for his help he says that it felt wrong to do such a thing for his daughters, so Clem blackmails him in order to get his help.  Such a functional father/daughter  relationship am I right?

The episode ends with a cute bonding moment after Shannon tells Nick’s parents that she stole the watch.

Overall, this episode was better than the second episode and I’m happy about that!  Best and funniest parts of this episode were: Nick trying to connect with Freddie and constantly failing, I kinda feel sorry for seeing him failing however Freddie can’t even connect the right way with his daughters. And the last scene with Nick’s parents when they find the watch.

Moving on to my review of the fourth episode “It’s been a while”

The episode title wasn’t chosen randomly, summing up the episode “it’s been a while” since Shannon came into their lifes and messing up with all of their routines including….uh…. well you know what I mean. So basically the episode is an endless circle of Nick and Clem getting interrupted by Shannon in the most awkward moments. The best thing of this episode happened when Shannon finally shows up some interest on school, wich my friends shows character development.

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