Fam (S01E05) “Jolene, Jolene”

Hi there! Welcome to my review of the newest episode of “Fam”.

Before I start it I must say this was my favorite episode until now! The episode is called “Jolene, Jolene” because Jolene (played by Kate Walsh) the mother of Shannon shows up in this episode.

From the start is pretty much notable that everyone doesn’t like her. Well, they are right on not liking her. She abandoned her daughter. Jolene shows up married to Harold (who is only mentioned during the episode) an old rich guy. She wants Shannon to move in with her in Arizona and tries to convince Shannon during the rest of the episode.

But of course, that wasn’t the reason why this was my favorite episode so far. This was my favorite episode because of how the connections between the “Fam” are becoming strong.

We see Clem and Nick, specifically Clem, trying to deal with the possible move out of Shannon. She just acts like a mother who sees her kid moving out and realizing her nest is empty. When Shannon tells them that she’s staying, the reaction of Clem is just the best and cutest ever.

In the start of the episode, we see Clem saying to Nick’s parents that her father won’t give her away to Nick and she’ll tell him that. When later on the episode she comes to her father to ask for his help in order to make Shannon stay with them, he sounds a little disappointed for not giving away his daughter on her wedding.

At the end of the episode, we see Clem going to thank her father for talking to Shannon and making her stay. She also invites him to give her away in her wedding which he accepts. The relationships are getting stronger in this fam guys and I’m loving it.

Hope you liked

Love,Jo (@living4series)