MacGyver (S03E14) “Father + Bride + Betrayal”

This is the episode of MacGyver fans have been begrudgingly anticipating, especially after the news broke about the departure of George Eads. The writers have constructed a well thought out story that brings the team together, for what may be the last time. Spoilers Ahead.

The long goodbye

The episode doesn’t take much time to pause on the information Jack has bestowed upon MacGyver (Lucas Till). He is leaving to track down a dangerous foe from his past. There is no way Jack could turn out leading this newly formed elite team, he’s been in it for far too long to turn away now. Even though it means leaving The Phoenix Foundation behind, they leave it open to interpretation.

Before Jack sets off though, there is one last mission to accomplish. It’s bittersweet in a way, especially since Riley (Tristin Mays) and Bozer (Justin Hires) are yet to be privy to this new information. There’s no time to process as the pace of the episode keeps the viewer focusing on what will happen next. Thankful for the reprieve of saying goodbye to such a strong character, the writers keep the action flowing.

macgyvers03e143 1024x630 - MacGyver (S03E14) “Father + Bride + Betrayal”
Matty, taking care of business. (Photo: Google)

Matty (Meredith Eaton) is a risk taker, and this mission involves one of the biggest ones yet. In exchange to see his daughter get married, a prominent crime boss, Alonzo Olvera (Roberto ‘Sanz’ Sanchez), has agreed to not only turn himself in but also everyone who is involved in his business. All eyes on him, until the wedding, is over. If only this mission would go according to plan, but this is MacGyver we are talking about. It seems as though there are others with ill feelings towards Alonzo and his many misgivings.

It’s great to see the team deep in their element, even with the chaos, they still seem to be able to pull themselves together and get the job done. Bozer and Jack team up, taking care of the armed assailants who have interrupted the wedding. While MacGyver, Riley, and Alonzo work to recover the incriminating evidence that could put a lot of bad people away. With the bad guys contained, the crisis is averted, right? If only it were that way.

macgyvers03e146 - MacGyver (S03E14) “Father + Bride + Betrayal”
Jack and Bozer. Kicking Ass. (photo: Screenshot Taken By Author of review)

It seems as though someone on the inside has it out for Alonzo, especially when his body is found, dead from cyanide poisoning. Now it’s become a mystery, proving that there is never a dull moment in the world of MacGyver. It becomes a true race against the clock when Riley becomes the next victim. Thankfully through the miracle of science and ingenuity, MacGyver is able to mix up an antidote, reviving her. It was too close for comfort, I don’t think losing two team members in one go would’ve sat with fans very well.

Who could the culprit be? Well, the answer is right there under their noses, someone who was there from the very beginning. The bride’s very own grandmother. She wanted to protect her late husbands legacy, even if it meant killing family. Ruthless, yet it won’t come without punishment. At least, in this case, another one bites the dust, and then some.

macgyvers03e141 - MacGyver (S03E14) “Father + Bride + Betrayal”
Until next time, old friend. (Photo: Google)

I feel as though it was quite befitting to have this episode be Jack’s last. They left it open for him to come back if it ever came to that down the line. The void will be significant, even if his replacement is so well thought of. No one can ever replace the camaraderie that the four of them have shared over these three years. It was a tearful goodbye, especially between him and Riley. But it won’t be forever, that I do believe.

This is one of the more tasteful exits I have witnessed, and I want to thank the writers for giving the fans a “goodbye” that didn’t end in tragedy. It gives us hope that we may see him in the future.

So Thank You, George, for being part of the MacGyver universe and bringing Jack Dalton to life. I know that we all wish you the best in your future endeavors, and hope to see you soon.

The times, they are changing.

MacGyver returns on Friday, February 15 on CBS at 8/7c.