Star Trek Discovery (S02E03) “Point of Light”

 nuqneH (that’s hello in Klingon) to all Star Trek fans out there! This week’s episode of Star Trek Discovery bounces back and forth quite a bit so sit back and enjoy the

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Michael Burnham with her mother. Photo courtesy of Google.

This episode starts off with a recap of what happened with the Klingons and Ash Tyler (Shazad Latif). Everyone is still trying to figure out the mystery of the seven signals. Tilly (Mary Wiseman) is running a half marathon for her command training and getting distracted by her “friend” May (Bahia Watson).  A small ship carrying two life forms appears.  Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) goes to meet one of the passengers and is surprised to see her mother. She wants Michael’s help with Spock.

Welcome to qo’Nos

On Qo’Nos we see L’Rell (Mary Chieffo) trying to unite the Klingon Houses. She is being criticized by her uncle who thinks the arrival of the seven signals is an omen. Ash/Voq picks a fight and warns them not to mess with him. He is still a Klingon after all.

Going back to the Discovery, we find out that Spock’s mom had gone to visit Spock and couldn’t see her son. She stole his medical records and asks Michael to break the encryption on them.

Ash is feeling very isolated on Qo’Nos. The others don’t accept him, and he himself struggles with his identity. L’Rell tries to give him comfort, but he is uncomfortable around her.

Michael and her mother go to Captain Pike (Anson Mount) and he tries to talk to Starbase 05 about Spock. After he is shut down, he lets Michael open Spock’s file. Michael and her mother are disturbed to learn about his severe empathy defect and how he was emotionally compromised. Spock’s mom then laments about her failure to be a good mother to Spock. Michael comforts her and then sees an image of the angelic being. She asks her mother about it. Spock called it the “Red Angel”.

here, there, and everywhere

Ash/Voq is still haunted by Voq’s memories and feels very uncomfortable. He contacts Michael to let her know about the state of affairs in Qo’Nos. It was a very awkward conversation. But Michael does give him some sound advice about how to deal with L’Rell, and Ash/Voq feels better.

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L’Rell with Ash/Voq. Photo courtesy of Google.

The command program on the Discovery is running shadow exercises where the recruits shadow the senior officers of the ship. Tilly is paired with Pike. May appears and becomes argumentative, causing Tilly to have a breakdown. She quits the command program.

Ash/Voq is barely hanging on. When he sees L’Rell’s uncle he goes to confront him. He shows him the secret that L’Rell had been hiding from him: a Klingon baby. The son of Voq and L’Rell. He goes to see L’Rell who tells him the truth. She also questions him about Michael. Ash/Voq wants them to be a family and is willing to stick around and be a proper father to the baby.

The origins of the “Red Angel” are revealed to Michael when her mother tells her that he first saw it the night Michael ran away from home. Spock had claimed that the Red Angel had shown up in a vision and told him where to find Michael. His parents wrote off the experience, but Spock persisted in believing in the Red Angel. It had changed him and altered him irreparably. Michael blames herself and admits that she did something terrible to Spock in order to protect the family.

backlash and breakdowns

When L’Rell and Ash/Voq arrive at where the baby was kept, they discover the dead body of her uncle. The baby is missing. L’Rell is being blackmailed by the others because they now know about Ash’s role as a spy. The price of silence for this great act of betrayal is control of the Klingon Empire.

Tilly finds Michael in their room. Michael gets Tilly to open up about seeing May. Tilly is on the verge of a mental breakdown, but Michael is smart. She figures that May is not what she appears and suggests a visit to Lt. Stamets (Anthony Rapp).

L’Rell and Ash/Voq arrive at the quarters of the Klingon who is blackmailing them. Insults are hurled and an epic battle ensues. It looks like the end for L’Rell and Ash/Voq. In a surprising turn of events, someone transports in and aids L’Rell and Ash/Voq in killing the instigator. The mysterious stranger turns out to be Emperor Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh). She tells L’Rell to get rid of the baby and Ash/Voq because they are liabilities. They are weaknesses.

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Emperor Georgiou. Photo courtesy of Google.
dark matter and darker recruits

When Tilly sees Lt. Stamets, they are able to figure out that she was hosting a fungus. It was a multi-dimensional fungal parasite. Using dark matter, they are able to extract the fungus from Tilly.

L’Rell addresses the Klingons and tells them about her baby. She proceeds to show the crowd the severed heads of her baby and Ash/Voq. She is now the mother of Klingons in a united empire. It turns out that Ash/Voq and the baby are not actually dead, but on a ship with the Emperor. They drop off the baby at a planet with a monastery for worshippers of Kahless, where he will remain safe. The episode ends with The Emperor essentially recruiting Ash/Voq into Section 31.

final thoughts

Well, that was one heck of an episode! The plot twists and turns, the jumping from Qo’Nos to Discovery. It was full of action and great character development. When the emperor first appeared I was literally yelling “What?” at the TV. It was just that awesome. I give this episode 9/10.

Catch a new episode of Star Trek Discovery on Thursday, Feb 7 on Space at 5E/8P.