The Punisher (S02E13) “The Whirlwind”

Alright guys and gals, we made it to the Season Finale and it looked like I was wrong about one character being dead but hey theres always times to be wrong and times to be right am I right. But we did get a character death this episode and all I can say is that it’s about time that it happened. But we will get to all that in a little bit, for now lets get to this review!

So this season has literally been a roller coaster ride we had our ups, we had our downs, we had our in betweens because the roller coaster just didn’t know which way to really go, and then we had the finale showdown that we always knew had to happen soon enough. But yes this season has been the best one so far, of course season 1 was a good introduction to understand why Frank/The Punisher (Jon Bernthal) does what he does; but season 2 was all about Frank truly taking up the mantle that people kept giving to him, the mantle of The Punisher. And I think that’s something that most people won’t read into when watching this season but it’s the truth, this season was all about Frank truly accepting his role as the guy who punishes the evil all throughout the world.

In this episode we saw the final showdown of Pilgrim (Josh Stewart) and Frank, and who would win their little stand off. Even though the fight did look pretty well finished, I think we can maybe call Pilgrim and Frank’s fight a tie. I mean they were both evenly matched, sure Frank had the upper hand when he got that tank that he kept bashing Pilgrim’s face in with but he did spare the guy so that they could take out the real enemy. The enemy of the rich, Eliza (Annette O’Toole) and Anderson Schultz (Corbin Bernsen) I mean those two were the real baddies that needed to go. I was kinda thankful that those two got killed in this episode because they were the worst. But at least Pilgrim live with his kids in peace and hopefully give up the whole assassin for hire life for good this time around.

Now I didn’t expect for Dr. Dumont (Floriana Lima) to have survived that fall, but I suppose that it is possible that she could have survived especially since she had so much fear built up in her body that the adrenaline was probably pumping so much fuel that it allowed her body to survive with broken bones instead of actually dying like how anyone else would’ve done. But it’s interesting to see Dr. Dumont survive to maybe have her character return, maybe as a villain in later seasons if there ever will be later seasons. Even though Dr. Dumont is a character made up for only this series it would be interesting if the creators did choose to make her into a villainous character, maybe even some kind of look alike to Billy/Jigsaw’s (Ben Barnes) villainous character since she fixated on Billy so much throughout this season!

As for Billy/Jigsaw, yeah we finally saw his demise in this season. Which I knew it had to happen, sure in the comics Jigsaw always came back over and over and over again to try to kill Frank but I’m kinda glad that they chose to kill him off this season that way he doesn’t steal the show anymore times if there ever will be anymore seasons because it’s really hard to tell if we actually will get anymore seasons of this amazing series. But at least Frank did what he came to New York to do, which was kill Billy and move on with his life.

It seems like Madani (Amber Revah) will be able to move on with her life as well now that Billy, the man of her nightmares, is now dead. And even moved to work with the C.I.A. which is an improvement. Lets hope she will be able to do more of a better job with that agency than the last one; and last but not least this season was dedicated to Stan Lee, the man who made all of this happen with comics in the first place. It’s because of him that he brought readers a whole bunch of comics that created a name for The Punisher. It’s thanks to Stan Lee that we had so many characters in the Marvel Universe be brought to us and for us to love them, hate them, or have in between feelings about them like a roller coaster ride, there I go with the roller coaster ride again.

I hope you all enjoy my reviews for this season and I hope I get to do this again for another season if there is one.

Will there be another season? We shall find out soon I think…just tell us Netflix will there be?