Chicago Med (S04E12) “The Things We Do”

This episode of Chicago Med was one hour that was not to forget. Here’s a recap! This episode is called “The Things We Do.”

On her way transporting a child in a helicopter, Dr. Manning experience crash landing and in need of help. Halstead rushes out there to help and after bring that child and saving him; Natalie wants Will to come back home with her only to get rid of that gun. After agreeing, Will never really did it and kept his gun.

Dr. Rhodes and Beker aren’t on good terms after Conner’s conversation with his father.  Conner takes things out of Bekker during their case treating a pregnant woman with down syndrome. Split with different opinions on treating their patient that needs surgery to repair her heart because of her mother’s power of attorney and wanting to risk aborting her baby. But the patient came out great along with her baby boy too as her mother comes to terms of accepting the baby too. As for Conner and Ava, that’s another story but I would rethink Conner’s decision on taking his father side.

Dr. Choi and Cr. Charles deals with a patient who’s suffering from liver failure and coming to terms about his alcohol problem. But what they don’t know that their patient’s drinking and all caused his son to try to take his own life but thanks to Charles who saved him by talking to him.

Meanwhile, when Curry gets word that her patient is coding, it turns out that he was allergic to contrast for testing and died. She shows her shield towards April, Sthol and even the patient’s wife, but really let down her shield when she showed her emotion in a private moment.

“The Things We Do” was a fine episode that really “kept on your toes.” Strong storylines and performances from the cast but Molly Bernard as Dr. Curry stole the episode with her storyline. Will is going on a path that seems to be not going too good; mainly his decision choices. I think Ava needs to get ahead and come clean to whatever had happened between her and Conner’s dad. I still don’t think she came on to him, besides she was supposed to go to a gala that night when she meets with Conner’s dad. And I couldn’t get enough of Sharon and Charles talking about online dating and even Sharon helping him too. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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