Supernatural (S14E12) “Prophet & Loss”

(First off I would like to say. My apologies for the late review on this week’s episode but life does happen.  So I would like to thank those that have been patient with me. Okay, on with my review! )


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“One last case for the Winchester Brothers.” (Dean)


In this Week’s Episode: Dean is all for his plan of being dumped in the ocean. But Sam decides to take a detour on their route to do a case, hopefully, to help Dean see what he would be missing. Saving people & having hope. Meanwhile, Nick is locked in the hospital still wanting Lucifer in his life. Since he feels so lost without him.

My Prediction for this Episode: (I haven’t seen spoilers by the way.) Sam will literally be with Dean through the whole thing but it will hurt the hell out of Sam. Of course, the others will object to it & try to change his mind. I really think Dean might die this episode…..

My Overall Thoughts on this Episode: Well, this took a big left turn! The whole first half of the episode I was literally trying to mentally prepare myself for this. For Dean’s farewell into the depths of the ocean, because why wouldn’t you? I honestly thought the opening scene was showing Dean’s future at the end of the episode & I thought I wouldn’t be able to watch it all! The fear, the sadness, the noise in the coffin, & then his full on panic attack! I literally wanted to cry! It was only a nightmare that felt so real that he was clawing at the walls in the hotel room. Clawing at them you guys! Literally, bloody hands & all! Dean is truly terrified but is too stubborn to admit it.

I won’t lie but I will say this much; I was greatly confused in this episode. Once things progressed a bit more I then understood. ‘Cause we were having three different things going on & I didn’t get how any of this had anything to do with Dean! But it did. Sam & Dean on the road to the drop off point for Dean was an emotional ride. He started to “go back down memory lane” f- their childhood. Sammy didn’t want to hear it. It was too much! 

“Dean! So glad o hear your voice!” (Cast t Dean on the phone.)


Then on the side, you have a guy going around killing people because he’s hearing voices. Which I didn’t get why. I honestly thought he was possessed. No, he had the word of God making him go mad! All because of in a coma Donatello. Sam & Dean found this out by taking on the case…since it was on the way. The young man was next in line after Donatello to be a prophet but he was still alive! Problem is, being on the borderline of life & death has consequences.  Those are your next prophets taking the word of God too far & acting out on it. They did try to snap some sense into him but he ended up killing himself.

Since he died the process will continue for the next prophet there after. So they have to let Donatello go. At this point, I’m all like, “Seriously I’m about to have two deaths happen now?! Really?!” But Cast swoops in & decides he might be able to save him since the doctor said he was saying weird things in his sleep. Which was mainly angel talk & he was still fighting. Cast did manage to wake him but he no longer has a soul. How are they going to deal with this?

After saving Donatello, & Sam punching sense into Dean, he decided to go home. Both Sam & Cast will have to throw him in that box if they 100% can’t find a way to save him. If they lose hope & truly can’t find anything…..they have to throw him in that box and into the ocean. They will have to let Dean go.

“Where ever it’s darkest, where ever he is.” (Nick to Sarah’s ghost)


Really thought this was the end (technically it was cause it hit the credits) but we can’t forget about Nick. First of all,  I found it stupid that the cop kept taunting him. He shouldn’t have done that at all! I get it. He’s done a lot of bad shit but don’t make him angry! Second, you shouldn’t have fallen for the “Come on man! I’m wounded, let me go to the restroom with pride.” line. That should’ve been a red flag right there! Third, you just fell for it with your guard too low. Nick is on the loose again & I honestly thought he was going to kill someone, but no. He went back home. His wife was there. Her ghost! I was not expecting that at all! She wanted to be free from the house & she wanted Nick to be free as well. He couldn’t deny Lucifer, he wouldn’t, not for his own trapped wife. To me, I found that pretty messed up. 


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