Arrow(S07E12) “Emerald Archer”

Alright, guys and gals, we had another great episode brought to us tonight and it was a good but little weird one! Don’t worry we will discuss quite a lot especially since there was a whole lot of characters that came back just for this episode and it was a huge treat to the fans who have been a fan of the show since the beginning. So let’s get to this review! The episode is called “Emerald Archer.”

bring on the cameras

So we finally made it to this mark of the 150th episode. It’s a huge success for a series to get to 150 episodes. It’s a bigger success when it reaches 200 – 500 episodes. You never know, this series could stand a chance to becoming a series to reach those successes. The only way to find out is by continuing to watch.

In this episode, it was a special that was narrated by Kelsey Grammer as a ‘documentary’ episode. The episode was set to be a documentary episode in hopes that it would help Oliver (Stephen Amell) to be seen as someone who is doing the right thing, even if he has been seen as a vigilante once in his life. Which seems reasonable since Oliver is working really hard with the SCPD and trying to make people see that he is doing the right thing, and he was a hero to the city.

During the episode, we saw interviews from a lot of characters that have chosen to leave the show and have their character die or just leave and jump on a ship to travel through time. I’m pretty sure the travel through time one is easy to think of. We had characters like Quentin Lance (Paul Blackthrone) come back for this episode. Just seeing him makes me realize how much I miss the guy on the series. I know it was the actor’s choice to leave the show, but still, I’m allowed to miss the character; he became an important figure in Oliver’s life throughout the years of the show. Seeing him die the way he did last season was hard!

some old familiar faces

We also had Thea (Willa Holland) come back for the interview part of the documentary. It was nice to see Thea come back for the episode. I mean I know she’s off traveling the world trying to find the last of the Lazarus Pits with her lovely Roy (Colton Haynes). But having Thea back reminds me of the old days when Thea would suit up with Oliver and the team and do some hero time. Those were the good days and hopefully, we hear about what happened to Thea in those flash-forward scenes. I mean, they have to reveal that at some point. Am I right?

Besides the documentary setting, we had a weekly villain, or what seemed like a villain, but who was really just a fan of all the vigilantes that Oliver had worked with throughout the years. Like Rory/Ragman (Joe Dinicol), and Helena/Huntress, we saw their masks had been collected by this fan. Looks like they are calling him Kai-mara, which is an okay name but it makes me wonder: when they do this “Birds of Prey” style episode later in the season is that when Helena will get her mask back? I mean, you can’t have Huntress without her mask and we all know that Huntress is coming back to Star City. The reason for that is unclear right now.


Adding to all the faces and all the interviews, it turned out that in the flash-forward scenes the documentary that Oliver Queen had done was burned and banned from ever being viewed by anyone ever. For what reasons it is unclear; but we did see a familiar face return in the flash-forwards. Diggle Jr/Connor Hawke/New Green Arrow (Joseph David-Jones) is back in the world of the Arrowverse.

I’m happy to see Diggle Jr. before he chose to change his name to Connor Hawke, giving us the biggest slap in the face ever! But apparently, Diggle Jr knows Black Star (Katherine McNamara). Why are they seeking out the old Arrow Lair? Is this how Diggle Jr chooses to take up the mantle of Green Arrow when it comes to the timeline 2045? It could be. Maybe something happens to Black Star to make him want to change how the city sees vigilantes; the only way to know is by watching next weeks episode!

Next Episode: Arrow(S07E13) “Star City Slayer” airs Monday, February 11, 2019, at 8/7c on The CW