Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S06E04) “Four Movements”

It’s not only one of the funniest episodes, but it’s also one of the most emotional episodes. Grab the tissues!

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As Gina announced her two week’s notice in the utmost Gina-way and tells everyone in the squad room that she’ll be spending some time with one another to give them Gina moment. From playing Chess with Capt. Holt; to given Amy and Rosa the girls afternoon lunch; that made me shed tears. But it was Gina and Jake that had one of the best Gina-Moment moment when Jake tries to give Gina time with Mario Lopez. Later, Gina gets Lopez to come to her party but only to get kicked out. Bring Lopez wasn’t for her, it was for Jake.

But as days went on, Gina kept coming back and everyone; including Terry, thought that she’s afraid to move on. But after many, many days of coming back to the 99, she left a statue of herself with a video message to everyone that also gave the final moment to Terry.

“Four Movements” is that episode when it’s special with a character who decides to leave but shares the best moments with each other characters in their own way. This episode not only brought me to many laughs, but it really brought me to tears. Such a beautifully written episode and well performed from not only Chelsea Peretti but the entire cast as well. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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