Bull (S03E13) “Prior Bad Acts”

Bull returns tonight” and personally, he’s “Torn Between 2 Lovers” …kinda 

Yet back at the offices, the  TAC team tackles a case of mal practice…maybe. 

James Weeks, (Alex Carter) stock magnet and money man at Week’s Dynamic,  is  working at the company , when he is approached by his young,  beautiful and  sexy Karen (Reiko Aylesworth) She’s all over him. He takes a break. 

The next time we see James, he’s naked, short of breath. He having chest pains.

He asks his paramour, Karen, who he has just had vigorous sex with,  for his nitroglycerin.  She complys and promises to “love him to death”  then  leaves.  Just as James holds his left arm and drops.

Kevin Weeks (James Cooke) and  family call a meeting with TAC.  They want to go after the PcP (Primary Care Physician) for a nitrogylcerin overdose. The medication was too strong, hence the overdose, leading to his death. 

The family believes it’s mal practice! And the doc  prescribed a lethal dosage.  Kevin leaves a 1M retainer, resolving any question of “should they take the case”

Subplot: Benny and sister Izzy (Yara Martinez) Bull’s ex wife, dad has died. The need for Bull to “fix it” for Lizzie surfaces.

Post autoosy, the overdose stems from an oil of nitroglycerin. It’s found  all over the back of James’ hands! This dosage  was not prescribed,  by his doctor. It is evident the med was  used like hand lotion, but James didn’t buy it. 

However, James was a germophobe. The med wasn’t  found in his lotion. It was in his hand sanitizer. Already loaded with nitroglycerin from his incessant hand washing, that 1 pill after sex, was murder. Who dun it? 

Subplot2: :  Diana is on her way to visit  Bull from Dallas. But Izzy is on his mind…and in his bed after the funeral. They had sex. He cancels Diana”s flight and visit. Ouch! ‘Wonder the reason given.

Later, the team finds Karen Keller, Alice Hatcher and Linda McConnell. They’re  all the same person! But today, she’s millionaire, Karen and based on her “Prior bad Acts” she’s a Black Widow.

“Karen, Alice, Linda”  is smart. It looks like 3 have fallen into her web.  How to catch her is the story.  They go to court. 

TAC had to work really hard for this one. They had nothing; especially an obvious motive. Yet there is a motive, elaborate and complicated. It’s fascinating,  if you have the patience to wade through it, you won’t be disappointed !

It’s well worth the watch; On Demand, CBSAccess, CBS App and catch new episodes,  Monday 10p/pacific

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