S.W.A.T. (S02E13) – “Encore”


The return of the radical militant group that got away from S.W.A.T. months ago is back and with a vengeance. After the militant group reenacted the ’74 Patty Hurst kidnapping, they vowed to be back if people weren’t good enough.

‘Encore’ began with five employees of the biggest corporations in LA being kidnapped. Things went south with the kidnapping at Caldow Pharmaceuticals. One of the members was shot in the leg and killed himself to prevent being caught by S.W.A.T. Hondo and the team soon realised who was behind all of this. The militant group released a video online stating their motives and motivation behind this. Transfer $523 million from the five corporations – DeWitt Investments, McCahey Construction, Kinari Imports, Caldow Pharmaceuticals and Wayland Financial – or the hostages die.

SWAT S02E13 DEMANDS 300x169 - S.W.A.T. (S02E13) - "Encore"
The militant group’s demands are simple – $523 million or the hostages die

The team raids the dead kidnapper’s last known address. They find the walls laden with radial statements and a bomb-making table, with blocks of C4 and cell phone triggers. All five CEO’s of the five corporations meet to discuss their options, with the advice of Commander Hicks (Patrick St Esprit) and Mayor Barrett (Bess Armstrong). Justin DeWitt, CEO of DeWitt Investments, decides to do his own thing. Which leads to his kidnapped employee show up wearing a cellphone triggered bomb-vest. Hondo and the team show up. Luca (Kenny Johnson) and Street (Alex Russell) go after one of the militant members who is trying to detonate the bomb-vest. Hondo (Shemar Moore) and Deacon (Jay Harrington) try to disarm it but set off a fail-safe when cutting one of the straps. They quickly take it off the hostage and get to safety before it goes off.

SWAT S02E13 DEWITT 300x169 - S.W.A.T. (S02E13) - "Encore"
Justin DeWitt’s arrogance to ignore Commander Hicks’ advice quickly backfires

But, Hondo goes off on the team for not being perfect in his eyes. It’s the second time after ripping into Chris. We start to see the cracks in Hondo’s armour begin to show. Captain Cortez (Stephanie Sigman) calls Hondo in to talk after hearing him go off on the team. We see how much she still cares for Hondo and that she’s worried about him. Hondo opens up a little to Cortez and tells her that he doesn’t know what’s wrong but he’ll sort it out.

SWAT S02E13 HONDO JESS 300x169 - S.W.A.T. (S02E13) - "Encore"
Jessica still cares a lot for Hondo, even though he feels alone

After valuable intel from the surviving hostage, the team moves on a location they believe the hostages are being held. Making their way through the building, Tan (David Lim) and Chris are fired at by one of the emancipators. What the team thought was a break, was but a breadcrumb. Hondo gets a call from the leader of the militant group, calls himself Cinque (after the SLA leader in the 70s). Cinque (Luke Forbes) talks about these corporations having to pay for what’s happened and not only corporations. Institutions, police, government, they must all pay. For industrialization, replacing jobs with cheap labour or robots, creating drug addicts and dealers and then arresting them, letting communities deteriorate, letting gangs run wild. Institutions that people put their trust in have created the problems that now need solutions. Hondo and Jess interrogate the captured emancipator and realize that the main target was the CEO’s.

SWAT S02E13 LOCATION 300x169 - S.W.A.T. (S02E13) - "Encore"
What the team thought was a break, was nothing but breadcrumbs set by Cinque

Relaying this to Hicks, he tries to protect the Mayor and the CEO’s from being killed. Barricading the Mayor and a CEO behind the table, S.W.A.T. arrives on the scene to go to the source of the shots fired. Hicks gets them to safety while Hondo move on the location of the shots fired. Moments before they’re about to go in guns blazing, Deacon stops them. Deacon realizes that it’s the hostages wearing ski masks and the guns are taped to their hands. Deacon reminds Hondo about what he says that it’s in the details. With shots fired at them, Hondo, Deacon, Chris and Luca go after the remaining emancipators. Luca kicks down the door to find them surrendering themselves. They take off their masks and Hondo takes off the final mask, of who he believes is Cinque.

SWAT S02E13 THEIR PLAN 300x169 - S.W.A.T. (S02E13) - "Encore"
Everything is not as it seems. Surrender was all part of Cinque’s plan

After an eventful day, Deacon chooses to not do the moonlighting and decides to spend time with Annie (Bre Blair). Thinking back to what Commander Hicks said that he understands to be spread thin, but what you’ll never regret is spending time with Annie. Surprising Annie at home with flowers and Annie questioning his decision to come home. Deacon assures Annie that they are going to be fine. S.W.A.T. shows us what it’s like, through the eyes of Deacon, for a family struggling to keep their head above water. What it’s like when you’re being stretched thin trying to take care of your family. S.W.A.T. always includes problems everyone faces: from Deacon struggling to provide, Hondo fighting an emotional battle, Captain Cortez being a high-up woman on the force and Chris with a polyamorous relationship.

SWAT S02E13 DEACON 300x169 - S.W.A.T. (S02E13) - "Encore"
No matter what happens, Deacon assures Annie everything is going to be okay

Hondo shows up to Luca’s house to talk to the team. Hondo lets his team in, he apologises for how he’s been acting lately. Going off on Chris and the team. He tells them a little bit of what he’s feeling and that he will do better, he will be better. It’s all well and it ends off when everyone giving hugs and having each other’s back as always. Also, Street, Chris and Tan surprise Luca with the same pinball machine from the bar his father used to take him to as a child.

SWAT S02E13 HONDO AND TEAM 300x169 - S.W.A.T. (S02E13) - "Encore"
No matter what they face, they face it together. They’re a team and have each other’s backs always

What Hondo thought to be the end of Cinque was only the beginning. Hondo gets a call from Cinque who talks about his plan so far. This, the kidnapping of the five employees was just marketing. By arresting those 5 emancipators, Hondo gave Cinque five megaphones which he will use to galvanise people around the world to join his cause. This was but the beginning of an uprising Cinque is planning to start. A rebellion, a revolution of change. Change deemed a necessity by Cinque.

SWAT S02E13 THE BEGINNING 300x169 - S.W.A.T. (S02E13) - "Encore"
This was only the beginning of Cinque’s real plan

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