Chicago PD (S06E12) “Outrage”

When a blast from the past comes back to Jay, did he do the un-ultimate thing? Here’s a recap!

chicago pd s06e12 outrage - Chicago PD (S06E12) "Outrage"

As an undercover gig goes a bust when Jay Halstead meets a blast from the past of a former suspect that kidnapped a girl, who they never have found. The guy had recently been released from jail and won some money from the city; due to the fact that someone used abusive power.

With Voight and Intelligence team ordered to stand down, Jay makes a heavy case to investigate that guy for selling drugs. But as the drop was about to go down with Burgess and Ruzek pretending to be partners in the dealing; Jay’s guy was not there to make the deal and was told where he was at; a warehouse. As Jay gets there, alone, he sees their suspect down in a pool of blood. Jay tries to help him and asked where he buried that girl, but instead laughed and died.

Being questioned not only by Voight and his partner; but also the investigating detective about what happened in that time when he went in that warehouse alone Jay stands his ground and fights back. Voight and the team found the real person of interest and things were back to normal with Halstead in a way. That is til Jay and Upton had drinks; until she leaves to be with Ruzek.

“Outrage” was a good episode. It was another intense episode for Jay Halstead and another that really puts the character is dangerous territory when it comes to a blast from the past. Good writing, good performances from the cast and Jesse Lee Soffer is amazing too. Overall, I give this episode an 8/10.

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