The Flash(S05E13) “Goldfaced”

Alright guys and gals, we had another great episode brought to us tonight and it was a great one! We have quite a bit to talk about from tonight’s episode and we plan on getting to the important stuff. So lets get to the review!

In this episode Barry (Grant Gustin) and Team Flash look to find a device that will help them defeat Orlin/Cicada (Chris Klein) but there’s a catch if they want to find that device. Barry and Ralph (Hartley Sawyer) have to become criminals or at least go undercover as criminals to get the device. But will it work? I mean Barry and Ralph are not always the most convincing people when it comes to undercover work but I suppose this episode they did make it quite convincing. When Barry and Ralph are granted access to the black market, Barry finds a very interesting weapon known as “the toastmaster” which is a weird name. Makes you think it’s gonna throw toast at you, but when Barry saw the power of the gun he knew he had to try to get all of them out of reach of the criminals.

When Barry and Ralph are seen as being suspicious they are granted with an audience with the great Goldface (Damion Poitier) who is a criminal but also a meta because under all that human skin lies his true nature. His whole body is made out of gold which makes him immune to just about everything; he finds Ralph interesting but when it came to Barry, he had to get creative and call himself the Chemist, which would get people interested in hiring him for a dirty job.

Now comic book wise, Goldface was a character who once was a criminal scientist who created a formula and made it as a serum that he had to drink if he wanted to continuously be immune to just about everything but it also gave him a gold shine until the serum went wrong and revealed that he was then given a body of gold and even armor of gold that he could make from his own body. I know gross right; well the reason why they call him Goldface is because he was a Green Lantern villain because Green Lantern’s can’t defeat anything that is the color gold or yellow, I guess yellow is Green Lantern’s kryptonite in a way. But after a while of being able to defeat Green Lantern and never really get a challenge from the hero, he changed motif’s and went after The Flash by trying to create a criminal empire. After all, every hero needs to change things up a bit right?

And from the way how things are looking they are taking the Goldface from after he made the criminal empire; and truth be told I feel like Goldface is gonna be one of those villains that always comes back in this season. Kind of like how Amunet Black kept coming back over and over again last season, I think this season Goldface is going to be coming back to have himself a piece of Barry and Ralph.

Which I think we all can agree after seeing this episode that we would want Grant Gustin and Hartley Sawyer act as a duo in a crime drama television series, where they have to do all these bad ass gun fights with criminals each and every week on an episode. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Lets make that happen people!

Might I say next episode looks like it’s going to be a time loop episode, now that would’ve been a good episode for this week but I guess they had to introduce Sherloque (Tom Cavanagh) new love interest Renee Adler (Kimberley Williams-Paisley) and to show why Sherloque has to change motives in his investigations in order to keep his new love interest safe.

Next Episode: The Flash(S05E14) “Cause and XS” airs Tuesday February 12, 2019 at 8/7c on The CW