“Bad Boys” spin-off “L.A.’s Finest” Gets Premiere Date

We learn when L.A.’s Finest will be hitting the streets this spring.

Spectrum has announced that the Bad Boys spinoff will launch ad-free on Monday, May 13 via Spectrum On Demand. The series will contain 13 episodes and it will begin with the first three installments and air new episodes on a weekly.

“The one-hour series follows Syd Burnett (Gabrielle Union), last seen in Miami taking down a drug cartel, who has seemingly left her complicated past behind to become an LAPD detective. Paired with a new partner, Nancy McKenna (Jessica Alba), a working mom with an equally complex history. Syd is forced to confront how her unapologetic lifestyle may be masking a greater personal secret; Taking on the most dangerous criminals in Los Angeles while skirting the rules, and speed limits. Syd and Nancy become a force to be reckoned with on the streets, and in each other’s lives.”

The cast rounding out on the show is Zach Gifford (Friday Night Lights) as Ben Walker, Duane Martin (The New Edition Story) as Ben Baines, Ryan McPartlin (Chuck) as Patrick McKenna, Sophie Reynolds (Garner’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything) as Isabel “Izzy” McKenna, and Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters, Law & Order) as Joseph Vaughn.

Union and Alba serve as executive producers the series, along with Bad Boys franchise producer Jerry Bruckheimer. The series will mark the first original series for Spectrum. Additional upcoming programs which include the anthology series Manhunt, which was previously on Discovery Channel, and the street-racing drama, Curfew.

Here’s the trailer: