Chicago Med (S04E13) “Ghosts In The Attic”

After a week off, Chicago Med brings in another powerful episode that would leave us stunned. Here’s a recap!

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Ethan deals with a patient that no other nurse would want to help treat. When he confronts April about the situation; he learns that the patient assaulted one of the nurses as a child. Ethan understands but wants a nurse to help treat him. The patient goes into cardiac arrest and dies. Ethan thinks that April or one of the nurses might have given him too much medicine. It draws both Ethan and April into deep tension til Ethan learns that the patient had a tumor that had killed him.

Conner and Ava worked together to treat a patient, who comes in with broken ribs and is in need to place metal plates but is also HIV. After the first half was a success, working on the other half was a task when as they start to begin Ava cuts her finger. Goodwin ordered Ava to head to the Infectious Diseases Control and start taking meds. Conner, who feels bad, visits her with a forgive me present. But it was when Conner returns to Med that someone mentions that it’s weird how that happened with Ava because she’s so careful, which makes him think about it. Was it an accident or on purpose?

Natalie not only deals with Will’s car being broken in, but a patient who she assumed was playing with his wife about his cancer illness. It turned out that her patient wasn’t playing, but knows that his illness is getting worst. But when it comes to Will, who was kind of on the edge with his car being broken in by someone. Learns the truth that Will didn’t turn in the gun that he said he would do. After that, she’s done and returns the ring.

Maggie, who hasn’t had a strong storyline so far, not only dealing with Med down a nurse; but deals with someone who asked for her help. Thinking that it might not be serious, turns out to be very sick when Will exams her and are in need of a kidney transplant.

“Ghosts in the Attic” was a marvelous episode! It was such intense and dramatic at times, that it had me on the edge of my seat almost throughout the episode. Strong character development and writing. I don’t want to give up on #Manstead but I know that Will has been such an idiot that I wish that Jay or someone would just slap the reality back into him. He had one chance and blew it! I still have a little bit of hope they would get back together and I know some don’t. Conner and Ava have been such an up and down with the did she or didn’t she with his father. But now it’s anyone’s ball game; whether if she played him with what had happened in that OR room.

Does anyone think that everyone needs to have a sitdown with Dr. Charles to talk this out? And Maggie’s storyline was probably one of the best as the character hasn’t had her own story in a while. I think next week’s episode will have her go the distance to save the patient. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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