Will & Grace (S10E10) “Dead Man Texting”

In true Will & Grace fashion, a comedy of errors follows the four friends. Between Will (Eric McCormack) trying to cement a full-time teaching position, and, Jack (Sean Hayes) dealing with birthday drama, it’s a cringe-worthy and entertaining episode.

It’s very apparent that Jack’s beau, Estefan (Brian Jordan Alvarez), and Karen (Megan Mullally) do not like each other. Which is starting to cause a rift between Jack and the people he loves the most. He would do anything to keep them both happy, even if it means keeping them separate. When Estefan surprises him at his birthday dinner with Karen, things escalate quickly.

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Jack’s Birthday Extravaganza. (Photo: Chris Haston/NBC)

While Jack is dealing with his own dramatic situation, Will is vying for a permanent spot on the teaching faculty of Columbia. The department head has the wrong impression of Will and his real intentions behind teaching, so he has to prove that he is not just another hot-headed lawyer. With Grace’s (Debra Messing) “help”, he must win the esteemed Dr. Rice (Tucker Smallwood) over.

Nothing can ever be easy though, and that becomes apparent when Dr. Rice “drops dead” in the middle of their apartment. Of course, a well-timed text comes through, asking about the fate of Will. Cue the moral dilemma of touching a dead man’s phone, and their cringe-worthy struggle in the process. With some questionable back and forth, they decided to answer the text posing as the late Dr. Rice.

Have they crossed a line? Well. That would’ve been the case if he was indeed dead. He had merely passed out, a common occurrence. There was no hiding what they did, and they had to own up to their misgivings. With Will’s career in the teaching field all but over, it invokes the emotional response they had been waiting for. Teaching is where he is the happiest. Proving that he was more than a robotic drone, Will is given another chance.

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Doors are opening for Will. (Photo: Chris Haston/NBC)

On the other spectrum. Jack’s birthday dinner has been completely unrailed by the rivalry between Estefan and Karen. They need to sort their issues out because Jack isn’t dropping either of them. They are both important to him, and he’s not going to give up. As we thought, Karen’s true feelings bubble to the surface. She doesn’t want to lose him when she has lost so much already. She’s been looking at it wrong though, she’s not going to lose him, she’s gaining another flamboyant friend in the process.

There have been a lot of emotional struggles lately, so it’s nice to see each situation get a bit of closure, allowing the characters to move forward.


A new episode of Will & Grace airs Thursday, February 14 on NBC at 9:30/8:30c.